Experience the future of business process automation - with automated approvals that can bring about a remarkable 70% reduction in processing time.

Go paperless, save space, and redefine efficiency with secure digitisation. Automate, save, succeed – reap the befits of cost optimisation.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, operational efficiency is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. We understand the challenges that come with processing inbound invoices – the time, effort and resources it demands. That’s why we’re excited to bring to you BizBox.

Built upon insights garnered accumulated through years of experience in assisting companies in streamlining their operations and automating their processes, BizBox is designed to revolutionise the way businesses operate. Our vision is to reshape the business landscape, equipping organisations with the tools they need to thrive; and by automating everyday workflows and manual processes, we want to empower organisations to elevate their efficiency and productivity to new heights.

How will BizBox benefit your business?

Automate Standard Processes in a Box

Save Time and Money

Handle Documents Through Multiple Channels

Free Up Resources

BizBox Accounts Payable

With BizBox Accounts Payable (AP), you can reduce your AP costs by up to 80% per year while freeing up your team to focus on more valuable activities.

Our paperless process automates the approval process, handles incoming invoices across multiple channels, eliminates manual data entry, automatically enforces policies such as approval procedures, and stores supplier invoices in a secure location for easy retrieval later. It’s also mobile-ready, so users can work from anywhere.BizBox Accounts Payable also reduces invoice processing error margins, protects your company’s cash position and improves supplier relationships by reducing processing times and facilitating timely settlement. By automating the invoice process, companies can focus their valuable human resources on higher value-added activities, reducing the cost per invoice processed.

BizBox Employee Expense

With BizBox Employee Expense (EE) companies automate and manage their employee’s expenses.

Paper driven processes require valuable time spent by employees filling in forms and printing and filing receipts and attaching them to forms which land in admin or finance managers’ in-tray. All this takes time and gives rise to frustration when expenses don’t reach the payroll or reimbursement department on time and get stuck till the next payment period. With BizBox Employee Expense, companies can cut down time spent handling, approving and processing expense payments by as much as 70%, whilst avoiding employee dissatisfaction.

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