Unlocking the power of Data Analytics with Qlik

Qlik is a leading provider of data analytics solutions that empower businesses to unleash the power of their data.

iMovo, a Qlik Partner

Qlik is a leading provider of data analytics solutions that empower businesses to unleash the power of their data.

With Qlik’s innovative platform, organisations can transform raw data into meaningful insights, enabling smarter decision-making and driving growth. Qlik’s advanced visualisations and intuitive interface allow users to effortlessly explore and interact with their data, uncovering hidden patterns, trends, and connections.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Qlik’s analytics capabilities go beyond traditional analysis, providing predictive insights and optimising business strategies. With seamless integration, scalability, and robust security, Qlik empowers businesses to harness the full potential of their data, fostering a culture of data-driven collaboration and delivering tangible results.

Why choose Qlik?

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, where everyone can use data and analytics to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. Qlik offers real-time data integration and analytics solutions, powered by Qlik Cloud, to close the gaps between data, insights and action. By transforming data into Active Intelligence, businesses can drive better decisions, improve revenue and profitability, and optimize customer relationships.

AI-Driven Analytics

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence with Qlik’s advanced analytics capabilities. Discover hidden relationships, predict outcomes, and optimise business strategies for success.

Seamless Integration

Qlik blends with your existing systems and data sources, eliminating silos and maximising the potential of your information.

Scalable and Secure

Handle increasing data volumes effortlessly and efficiently thanks to Qlik’s scalable architecture, and rest assured that your data is protected by robust security measures.

Key benefits

Most organisations struggle to make actionable data available, let alone turn it into business value. Qlik helps businesses tackle the complex challenges of transforming their data into business value. Foster a data-driven collaborative culture within your organisation. Share insights, collaborate in real-time, and drive better decision-making as a team.

Self-Service Visualisation

Easily combine, load, visualise, and explore your data, no matter how large (or small).

Interactive Dashboards

Create, share and distribute powerful, interactive dashboards to support executives, business leaders and users. Quickly create and distribute beautiful, visually-rich reports leveraging your data and analytics from Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Search & Conversational Analytics

Give everyone a faster and easier way to ask questions and discover insights through natural language.

Custom & Embedded

Rapidly develop custom apps and new visualisations, and embed analytics in operational apps.

Powerful Data Discovery

Explore your data with ease  with Qlik’s intuitive interface, and use insights to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently. 


Deliver sophisticated, data-driven alerts from Qlik Sense that help users take timely action.


Simplify and accelerate the organization and delivery of business-ready data to Qlik Sense with a secure, enterprise-scale catalogue.


Deliver fully interactive online and offline analytics for iOS and Android, with integrated alerting for instant action.

GeoSpatial Analysis

Make better location-driven decisions with easy-to-understand map visualisations and spatial analytics.

Why choose iMovo as your Qlik partner?

iMovo Ltd is an innovative market leader in Digitalisation, Transformation and general IT Advisory services with a customer base that spans several countries including Cyprus, Portugal, Malta, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Dubai and Lebanon.

With years of experience helping companies with Digital Transformation, we help you turn your data into actionable insights. Our professional team provides strategic solutions to current business challenges that add competitive advantage and value to your business and clients. Our range of specialised professional services includes project management, custom development, solution implementation, consulting, technical support, training and ongoing maintenance and support.

Expertise and Experience

iMovo is a trusted partner with extensive experience in implementing and optimising Qlik for businesses of all sizes. We understand your unique requirements and provide tailored solutions.

Customisation and Scalability

Our team of experts will seamlessly integrate Qlik into your existing systems and workflows. We can customise Qlik to match your specific requirements and ensure scalability as your business grows.

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Unlocking the power of Data Analytics with Qlik

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