Technology Partners

iMovo works with top solution providers to simplify and accelerate your digital transformation and optimise business processes.
Our expertise lies in planning, designing and delivering comprehensive business improvement solutions in the areas of customer engagement, experience management, process automation and data analytics.


An all-in-one platform that automates IT tasks, integrates data and empowers users with AI. Streamline processes and create effortless digital experiences.

Microsoft Power Automate

A comprehensive automation platform built on low code and AI. Optimise your company's processes to save time and focus on what matters.

Microsoft Power BI

Unifies software services, applications and connectors and transforms disparate data into visual, interactive insights. Connect, visualise and share effortlessly.


A pioneer in the field of analytics. With easy-to-use solutions, Qlik transforms data into actionable insights, enabling smarter decisions across multiple business areas.


The leading cloud-based CRM improves acquisition, closing deals and customer retention for exceptional service at scale through unified data and AI integration.


Snowflake provides access to data, breaks down silos and enables global collaboration and integrated analyses that open up new insights and business opportunities.


Turn raw data into meaningful insights and make informed decisions with an intuitive visual analytics platform.


A modern data platform: end-to-end solutions for diverse environments that minimise risk and accelerate value for scalable business needs.


A leader in robotic process automation that streamlines workflows with intelligent solutions for greater efficiency in various business processes.


Simplifies business complexity, fosters exceptional connections and makes customer experiences painless, frictionless and helpful for everyone.

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