Customer Stories

Our clients operate in a wide range of industries, including finance, retail, iGaming, manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications and the public sector. Read what they have to say about working with us.

“iMovo has been very approachable throughout the project, and despite unforeseen challenges, helped deliver a well-functioning reporting system with a lot of potential for further improvement down the line. 

Our meetings are now less about presentations and more about navigating Tableau reports that explain a story from a helicopter perspective down to booking details, with full transparency. 

“iMovo was crucial to the implementation of Zendesk. Thanks to the software, 360hyper was able to gain an integrated view of all customer messages, whether sent via email or chat, allowing us to provide better, more effective responses!”

“I would like to commend the iMovo team for the work done during the various stages of the project lifecycle. The project timelines were adhered to and the consultancy offered during the development of the build was top-notch.”

“The experience was positive. The project manager had very extensive knowledge of the Zendesk solution, which allowed us to easily configure the tool to meet our needs.”

How iMovo helped a global financial services company Trust Payments, optimise productivity and efficiency.

“The team is highly experienced in their field of work. Their approach makes it very comfortable for us to work with them, and we appreciate that iMovo can provide us the flexibility we need.”

“Thanks to iMovo we have managed to optimize the use of the Zendesk customer service tool. Their professional and friendly service has brought us a better understanding of the tool and helped us to fully utilize different reporting options.”

“The app iMovo built makes it easier for our drivers to indicate when an order has been delivered, or if not, the reason why, as well as opening the opportunity for drivers not to simply deliver orders but actually take new ones as well as sell.”

“Zendesk is very easy to use and thanks to iMovo, product take-up was very fast. It helps organize and improve the efficiencies in your department and provides solid monitoring tools.”

“We wanted to enable self-service analysis of complex data to help us make decisions in a timely and proactive way.”

“Zendesk gives better visibility on the type of issues that we receive and the type of problems that are arising by department and system.”

“Support has become more efficient and if all our agents are busy, customers can now leave a message, so we can call them back!”

“Till this day iMovo are still committed to training our team and developing our reporting to support our KPIs.”

“We have already seen a great improvement since implementing Zendesk, and we are proud to have been the first local council in Malta to adopt such a system.”

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