Testimonial: Bluebird

How iMovo helped Bluebird achieve ever greater levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction through centralised Customer Support

How iMovo helped Bluebird achieve ever greater levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction through centralised Customer Support

Bluebird - The customer comes first

Bluebird is a Portuguese retail chain specialising in Watches and Jewellery since 1999. It has 10 physical stores in Portugal and an already consolidated e-commerce operation, with deliveries to Portugal, Spain and other European Union countries.

For Bluebird, the customer comes first. For this reason, Bluebird strives to offer a personalised service that accompanies the customer throughout the entire purchase process. This personalisation takes place in the shops as well as online and during the after-sales customer service. The brand puts customer engagement at the heart of its entire business.

How iMovo helped Bluebird achieve ever greater levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction through centralised Customer Support

Challenge – to centralise customer support in a single tool

The purchase process for watches and jewellery is complex, and customer satisfaction depends on the certainty of having purchased the ideal gift. Therefore, companies’ attention to personalised service is essential not only for customer satisfaction but also for customer loyalty. This is the key to constant and sustainable growth.

Bluebird has always taken on this responsibility and its performance in customer care was already a priority. In this way, the need to centralise all touch points with the customer in a single tool was recognised. For the company, easy contact with the customer and speed in solving their problems are important. In addition, evaluating the performance and capacity of the customer service department’s resources was also an important part of the requirements. The continuous feedback enables the company to have a real vision and to act in a targeted way to improve its services.

The challenge Bluebird posed to iMovo was to find a solution that not only met these aspects, but was also suitable for the current size of the team while focusing on scalability.

Choosing iMovo and Zendesk on this path to centralised customer support

Like Bluebird, iMovo puts the customer first. Our entire team, from the consultants to the programmers, strive every day to provide an offering that meets all of the client’s needs through a clear and objective process.

Zendesk was an easy choice for us because it combines all the features and can be adapted to the specific needs of each client. This customer service platform is designed to help businesses build and maintain valuable relationships with their customers. It not only facilitates the way the customer interacts with the brand, but also the overall management of these interactions by the customer service department. This powerful tool, when implemented in a customised way, perfectly integrates all channels and allows for analysis and reporting so that actions and adjustments can be taken immediately.

iMovo, a Zendesk Partner

The Project – Zendesk integration and configuration by iMovo

In less than a month, the platform for Bluebird was ready for use. To ensure a seamless implementation, the iMovo team involved both Bluebird’s operations manager and the customer support team.

Prior to implementation, customers were asking the same questions through different communication channels, which made it difficult to monitor and resolve issues. Zendesk now assigns a ticket to each customer, and Bluebird takes care of the customer’s issues individually.

Despite some unforeseen events that happen in all business transformational journeys, iMovo “always took responsibility and offered alternative solutions” said Susana Andrade, Operations Director at Bluebird.

Effective Customer Service that improves over time

Bluebird today has a powerful solution that centralises all customer service channels and deploys them as needed. This makes customer service not only more effective, but also better over time.

The entire process went smoothly, and this is thanks to the experience that iMovo’s project managers have with clients like Bluebird.

Susana Andrade

Operations Director, Bluebird

“The experience was positive. The project manager had very extensive knowledge of the Zendesk solution, which allowed us to easily configure the tool to meet our needs.”

Over time, we have collaborated with Zendesk to facilitate interactions and strengthen relationships between businesses and their customers. These partnerships and our extensive experience enable us to help customers like Bluebird deliver the best customer experience every day and become more efficient as a result.

Whatever the challenge for your business in this increasingly digital world, iMovo has a wide range of solutions and an experienced team ready to advise, implement, train and support you at any time in the areas of CRM, Customer Experience, Data Science and Process Automation. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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