Testimonial: Protergia

Discover how iMovo helped Greece's leading independent electricity producer empowering Customer Service.

Discover how iMovo helped Greece's leading independent electricity producer empowering Customer Service.

Protergia - Distributing energy accross Greece

Protergia is the energy unit of Mytilineos, the largest independent electricity producer in Greece. The company’s portfolio of energy assets, with a total installed capacity of 1,200 MW, covers more than 14% of the country’s active and licensed installed thermal capacity.

The company operates all the power plants, which include gas driven thermal plants and RES plants (wind farms, photovoltaic parks and small hydropower plants). Protergia is also active in the supply of electrical power providing electricity to businesses and households.

The challenge – Make Customer Service faster and more efficient, online and offline

Protergia has a wide product offering which caters for both businesses and households and ensuring optimal customer service throughout all channels is key to their business. Although their website is packed with FAQs, documentation and other useful information; customer support was only available through traditional communication channels, making the process somewhat inefficient.

With considerable traffic to their website, Protergia quickly understood that it needed to up its game and enable its team of 15 agents to offer more efficient, faster and real-time customer support online as well as offline.


iMovo's solution - Zendesk Chat implementation

iMovo, a Zendesk Partner

Nowadays, consumer expectations of customer service have reached new heights—providing support via phone and email has become the default standard for most companies. To improve the customer experience, it’s important to also give customers access to on-demand support.

Research conducted by Forrester shows that:

“44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.”

An online chat system provides customers with immediate access to help and waiting times are often much less than that of a call centre.

After careful consideration and expert advice from the team at iMovo, Protergia went on to implement Zendesk Chat and in less than a week; the customer support agents were able to offer on-demand support online.

Irene Vasilatou

Customer Service Executive, Protergia

“Although we have been using the (Zendesk) chat application for only a few weeks, our first impressions are very positive. Support has become more efficient and if all our agents are busy, customers can now leave a message, so we can call them back! The agents’ name are clearly visible so customers know who they are communicating with.”

Although Protergia is definitely happy with its newfound efficiency, reporting is one of the features of which the company is now able to make good use.

Irene Vasilatou

Customer Service Executive, Protergia

Thanks to Zendesk Chat we can now also understand how our website is being used – which pages are the ones that get most visits, how much time visitors spend on our website, how many times they get in touch with our agents and who they have been chatting with.

While chat may seem like yet another complicated channel to install and manage, in reality, implementing live chat software has never been easier and more effective. When it comes to offering highly personalized, on-demand customer service, live chat is definitely the most obvious option.

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