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How iMovo helped an online gaming company optimise Customer Service with a robust solution.

How iMovo helped an online gaming company optimise Customer Service with a robust solution.

Quasar Limited - Highest quality gaming software

Quasar Limited proudly operates several leading online casino brands, offering its players a truly unrivalled casino experience. All brands, such as Quasar Gaming under the Quasar Limited brand, not only offer the highest quality gaming software, but also back up the offer with high-end customer support, fast payouts, safe and secure payment methods, and a first-class affiliate programme. Quasar Limited is made up of a team of dedicated professional online gaming experts, who are continuously striving to offer an outstanding experience to all players.

How iMovo helped an online gaming company optimise Customer Service with a robust solution.

The challenge – On-demand support that meets customers expectations

In the 20th Century, the telephone was the single greatest innovation that drove agent productivity. Today, technology has advanced, and customers expect to be served with support that is ‘on-demand’. To achieve this, many companies have resorted to adopting a range of different tools and channels which vary from Excel, call-centres and email, to basic Helpdesk Software and CRM systems.

Customer Support is one of the most important elements in the gaming industry and Quasar Limited are extremely aware of this. Their aim is to provide their players with the best customer experience, not only through their games but also with the level of support that they give. Before implementing Zendesk, customer support was only available through the traditional channels of communication, making the process somewhat inefficient.

iMovo’s solution – Zendesk Implementation

Keith, Operations Manager at Quasar, explained how the company was looking to integrate a solution that would allow them to handle multiple brands, be scalable and therefore allow them to grow their customer database without having to sacrifice the level of support that they give. After some careful consideration and with advice from the team at iMovo, Quasar Limited went on to implement and integrate Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Guide.

iMovo, a Zendesk Partner

Zendesk has not only helped Quasar save time by consolidating all the tools required for multiple departments into one solution; but it has also enabled them to be more efficient, eliminate overstaffing and offer support in more than one language thanks to its multilingual capability which offers dynamic content in different languages.


Operations Manager, Quasar Limited

“Most Customer Service Platforms on the market today fulfil the basic need of aggregating all customer-facing contact channels into a single application. But this is only the beginning; we chose Zendesk because they provide an unparalleled selection of integrations and apps, which allow flexibility in accommodating our specific business needs. In addition, the solution is robust enough to handle multi-branding, omni-channel consistency and is scalable enough to grow with us.

After implementing Zendesk, we are now able to operate multiple brands using one platform and include all the communication channels we want to offer and more. Offering different communication channels to customers without needing multiple tools is what gives a company the competitive advantage. Above all, Zendesk is full of amazing features which allows us to add more tools as we continue to grow. 

Every customer contact comes at a price but apart from the actual cost, these interactions also reflect inefficiencies in one’s systems or operations. In an ideal world, if our product had to be fully customer-centric, contacts would be kept at a bare minimum or not exist at all. Zendesk helped us identify and eliminate these friction points, to invest our skills and resources into high-value contacts that yield a bigger return.”

The integration was smooth and seamless, and the system was up and running in around 4 to 6 weeks, which was in line with the timelines originally set. The process involved people from operations, customer support, the development team, and iMovo.

Keith went on to explain how “iMovo were recommended by Zendesk and took full ownership of managing the project and transition. Getting the set up right from day one was imperative for us, no company likes taking chances with their reputation and service quality. As is often the case with implementing new software, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Having an experienced local representative on the other side of the desk helped save us a lot of time and experimentation. Till this day iMovo are still committed to training our team and developing our reporting to support our KPIs.”

If you would like more information about Zendesk or any of the services offered by iMovo, please contact us on info@imovo.com.

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