Testimonial: The Naxxar Local Council

How iMovo helped The Naxxar Local Council, in Malta, streamlining all service requests and issues into one single application.

How iMovo helped The Naxxar Local Council, in Malta, streamlining all service requests and issues into one single application.

The Naxxar Local Council

The Naxxar Local Council was set up in 1993 and continuously provides the residents of Naxxar with various citizen-focused services, such as road maintenance, waste collection and disposal, community activities and social services amongst others.

The challenge – Ever-increasing daily requests and complaints from different channels

With an ever-growing population of over 15,000 residents, the Naxxar Local Council is experiencing an ever-increasing volume of daily requests and complaints, which very often arrive over different communication channels, from over the counter, social media to emails and phone calls. This made it difficult for the council to manage and track all interactions with residents and ensure that each was adequately acted upon in a timely manner.

Given this scenario, the Council was seeking to implement a reliable solution with which to improve its communication channels with the residents of Naxxar as well as enhance their experience when requesting Council services. In this way, the Council believes it can maintain a closer link with the residents and understand their aspirations and expectations better.

iMovo’s solution – Zendesk Implementation

Having reviewed the Council’s needs and requirements, and utilising extensive experience gained from delivering solutions to local and regional councils within the United Kingdom, iMovo Limited helped the Council implement Zendesk, a leading customer support ticketing system.

Utilizing Zendesk, the Naxxar Local Council was able to streamline all the service requests and issues coming through different channels into one application. So, each time a new request is received, a ticket is generated notifying the Council staff via email and then subsequently keeping a record of the conversation/exchange with the resident involved right through to the resolution of the case. Nowadays, the Naxxar Local Council is handling roughly 1,500 requests a month using Zendesk Support, through several different channels.

When discussing the benefits of Zendesk, Paul Gatt, Executive Secretary within the Naxxar Local Council, emphasised how iMovo helped them identify and implement the right solution, through which they are now able to consolidate all requests within one versatile system, making it easier for the Council to handle multiple requests from residents and address each of them in a timely manner.

Paul Gratt

Executive Secretary, The Naxxar Local Council

We have already seen a great improvement since implementing Zendesk, and we are proud to have been the first local council in Malta to adopt such a system. The Naxxar Local Council is an innovator in terms of customer service and would like to thank iMovo Limited for helping us meet our objectives.

iMovo’s team of experienced consultants also assisted the Naxxar Local Council with employee training as well as enhancing some of their internal work processes. One example being the incorporation of  all the different street names of Naxxar into the system, making it easier for the Council personnel to associate a specific request for services with its targeted address within Naxxar.

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