Testimonial: Hero Gaming

How iMovo helped a fast-growing gaming company elevate Customer Service.

How iMovo helped a fast-growing gaming company elevate Customer Service.

Hero Gaming - Meet diverse and ever-changing customer needs

Hero Gaming is a well-known name in the gaming and gambling universe. Since its inception in 2013, the online casino gaming company has grown its brand portfolio to meet diverse and ever-changing customer needs. An innovative experience and ever-expanding range of engaging games have attracted a steady stream of customers. Hero Gaming is a firm believer in technology, design and innovation to deliver top-quality gamified casinos.

The challenge – Create a consistent brand engagement experience for all customers

With business growth comes the need to scale up the corresponding customer service. Workloads increase and existing processes buckle under the rising demand to respond speedily to demanding customers. Hero Gaming encountered a similar challenge as it prepared to win customers worldwide post-launch and win them over through ultra-high-quality service.

Two key priorities needed to be addressed: ensuring fast response times and providing customised answers by handling complex queries more efficiently. Acing these critical aspects of customer service would create a consistent brand engagement experience for all customers.

The company acknowledged that it was time for a customer service solution that would delight gaming enthusiasts and empower staff. And, more importantly, it was ready to make such an aspiration a reality.

iMovo’s solution – Zendesk Implementation

Hero Gaming evaluated various customer service solutions on the basis of key criteria that mattered most to the company. Other than being reliable and robust, the solution had to be customisable, easy to use, enable real-time reporting as well as support multiple brands within the same interface. It would also need to serve as an omni-channel ‘communication centre’ seamlessly integrating chat, email and talk.

Whilst early issues encountered during implementation were managed by the implementation partner, after deployment, the user has to rely on the software developer’s support team to resolve issues, get a hang of the new features released from time to time, and so on. With this in mind, good end-user support was also a parameter for selecting an appropriate solution.

Hero Gaming’s Head of Customer Service, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), and front-end developers compared leading customer service products and smaller, highly customisable alternatives against their requirements. The decision to choose Zendesk was a relatively rapid one. Zendesk is a highly recognised cloud-based software offering multi-channel support. It serves over 200,000 customers across 30 industries worldwide.

iMovo, a Zendesk Partner

For Zendesk implementation, Hero Gaming chose iMovo for our breadth of technical expertise and comprehensive local support. As a Zendesk implementation partner, we routinely assist companies to implement and make the most of the leading customer service software. Our actionable advice has helped clients optimise their interactions with customers.

Hero Gaming was up and running with Zendesk within a month. The implementation went smoothly, and the take-up within the gaming company for the Zendesk solution was quick and relatively smooth.

The Benefits – A frictionless customer service experience and continuosly improving player engagement

The CS and VIP teams were able to hit the ground running with Zendesk, supported by able implementation and integration assistance from the iMovo team. Hero Gaming’s patrons enjoy a frictionless customer service experience while the CS teams have the tools to continually improve query resolution times and player engagement.

Zendesk features that Hero Gaming support staff enjoy most are:

  • Live chat ensures instant responses, giving customers the confidence to sign up with Hero Gaming’s online casino sites.
  • Talk provides phone support, building rapport and delivering personalised service to the company’s most esteemed customers.
  • Macros (prepared responses) allow agents to respond to customers in seconds, meeting the key priority of super-efficient service.
  • Tags and Shortcuts make managing ticket workflow and solving tickets a breeze, optimising agent efficiency.
  • Zendesk Guide, a help centre and knowledge base for customers enables self-service, giving them the choice to resolve queries on their own.
  • Real-time reporting identifies issues faced by customers and enables effective monitoring of agents’ performance.
  • Thanks to the software’s intuitive interface, adoption was quick and hassle-free, resulting in benefits from day 1.


Zendesk Support and Zendesk Guide work together to elevate the overall customer experience. Support serves as the back-end, creating the support flow and helping manage customers efficiently. Zendesk Guide, on the other hand, provides customers with instant access to content they need to make informed decisions and the alternative to request support from staff in a single place.


Zendesk implementation by iMovo – the 10 benefits:

  • Faster/One-touch ticket resolutions
  • Better customer engagement
  • Customised interactions
  • Greater agent productivity
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Better performance management
  • Easy reporting for quick insights
  • A better understanding of customer service issues
  • Improvement in customer retention
  • Reputation enhancement

Johanna Pyykonen

Head of Customer Support, Hero Gaming

“Easy reporting has not only enabled us to monitor the CS team performance in real-time, but it has also enabled us to pinpoint several customer-facing issues and react to them fast and thus improve customer experience as a whole.”

A Fairy-tale "Happy Ever After"

Online casinos and live casinos recreate the experience of playing within a physical gambling establishment. Their success depends not only on the quality and variety of the games they offer but also how ‘available’ they are to answer and engage customers. Poor customer service is among the main reasons why players switch to an online casino that they perceive treats them better.

Hero Gaming’s mission to WOW customers cannot be envisioned without a support system that integrates multiple gambling products and scales up to accommodate a growing customer base. Zendesk ticked all the right boxes, providing agents with the data and tools to execute the right tasks at the right time on the right channels. iMovo’s Zendesk set-up service and support helped Hero Gaming gain benefits from the solution right from the early stages of the business. Over the years, those benefits have accrued, collectively contributing to enhance Hero Gaming’s reputation and appeal.

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