Testimonial: Uniplaces

How iMovo helped an online property and accommodation company develop a data visualisation tool to create insightful reports on the performance of the entire company.

Uniplaces – Stay ahead through technology

Uniplaces, a leading player in the European property and accommodation sector, faced a major challenge – the need to gain deeper insights from their extensive data set. Although they had a wealth of data, making sense of it was a difficult task. In search of a solution, they looked for a data visualisation tool that could untangle the complexity of the data and show patterns and trends effortlessly.

Solution – Turn data into actionable insights

After a comprehensive evaluation of various tools, Uniplaces chose Tableau, a robust data visualisation solution. Tableau’s strength is that it gives users the ability to create interactive dashboards and reports. Uniplaces found Tableau remarkably user-friendly and highly effective in creating visually compelling and informative reports.

Since implementing Tableau, Uniplaces has seen a significant improvement in their data insights. They are now able to quickly and easily identify patterns and trends in their data. This has enabled them to make better decisions about their business, resulting in an increase in their revenue and profits.

Tableau has not only helped Uniplaces gain better data insights, but also better decision making. The company is now able to make decisions based on data rather than gut feelings. This has led to a more agile and responsive organisation.

Quickly access insights

Tableau’s interactive dashboards made it easy for Uniplaces to see trends and patterns in its data. This enabled the company to make better decisions about where to allocate its resources.

Agility to extract value from data

Tableau’s speed and flexibility allowed Uniplaces to revise its reports quickly. This allowed the company to stay on top of the latest data and make informed decisions.

Improved communication

Tableau’s interactive dashboards made it easy for Uniplaces to share its data with others. This improved communication within the company and helped keep everyone on the same page.


Pedro Matos

Chief Financial Officer, Uniplaces

Uniplaces felt the need to move to a culture where data is at the heart of everything. It was becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming to make sense of the large amounts of data we had from various sources. After evaluating several tools, we decided to proceed with Tableau as our main data system. Thank you to the large online community and available documentation, our internal team was able to get started and produce reports after a few weeks of investigation. We can now easily access much more information, draw conclusions and take action quickly. Our meetings are now less about presentations and more about navigating Tableau reports that explain a story from a helicopter perspective down to booking details, with full transparency.”

Uniplaces can now use data to improve its productivity

The impact of Tableau on Uniplaces’ work has been profound. The company was quickly able to decipher complicated data patterns and identify new trends. This newfound clarity enabled more informed business decisions that led to a significant increase in revenue and profitability.

Tableau not only improved Uniplaces’ data insights, but also ushered in a data-driven era of decision-making. The shift from intuitive to data-driven strategies gave Uniplaces the agility and responsiveness that set it apart in its industry.

Uniplaces’ implementation of Tableau bore fruit after just a few days, underscoring its value. The company is now at the forefront of its industry with increasing revenue and profitability. It has a competitive advantage thanks to its ability to make faster and more informed decisions.

For companies looking to improve their data analytics and decision-making capabilities, Tableau is an excellent choice. Uniplaces’ success story is a testament to Tableau’s transformative potential.

iMovo Limited is your choice for Tableau consulting, implementation and support

With our extensive experience and capabilities, iMovo positions itself as an invaluable partner for companies like Uniplaces, enabling them to realise the full potential of their data, make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. In addition to our IT consulting services, we also specialise in solutions such as Tableau, and our team of data analysts are able to help you formulate a solid data strategy that aligns with your specific business goals. This includes identifying key data sources, establishing robust data governance procedures and charting a course for data-driven decision-making.

To learn more about how iMovo and Tableau can help you and your business, contact us at tableau@imovo.com. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss your project.

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