Testimonial: Marsbet

How iMovo helped an online gaming company optimise Customer Service with a Support Center that allows effective and personal communication.

How iMovo helped an online gaming company optimise Customer Service with a Support Center

Marsbet - Innovative gaming concepts

Marsbet is a leading online gaming company that operates worldwide. The company, which forms part of Alpha & Xenon Entertainment, strives to create innovative, technologically advanced gaming concepts of top quality that pervade as many different environments as possible, bringing numerous physical and cognitive benefits to their users while they are having fun. Its product portfolio includes a casino, sportsbook and poker.

The challenge – An integrated system that compiles all client insights in one place

Marsbet understands that in their line of business, Customer Service is a vital component of the experience that a company or brand offers its customers. One of the main goals of Alpha & Xenon Entertainment is to put the customers at the heart of their company and this philosophy is the driving force behind Marsbet’s continuous effort to provide exceptional Customer Service and Relations to improve their Customer Experience.

With more than 250,000 customers, Marsbet were struggling to maintain clear and well-coordinated support for their customers. Email support became disorganised and managers were unable to keep track of support volume, analyse and evaluate the agent’s performance as well as their KPIs.

iMovo’s solution – Zendesk Implementation

In such a scenario, it was clear that Marsbet needed a platform that enabled the support agents to keep all their customer information in one place, allowing communication with customers to become more effective and personal. With its ease of use and ability to integrate with most systems, Marsbet chose to implement Zendesk.

iMovo, a Zendesk Partner

The implementation of Zendesk was a rather rapid one and the Marsbet support operation was up-and-running in no time and in a simple and efficient manner. Jack Larsson, Brand Manager at Marsbet explained how when evaluating their options, Zendesk stood out from the competition and provided the solid monitoring tools which they were looking for.

Jack Larsson

Brand Manager, Marsbet

“Despite it taking some time for us to understand how it is used, Zendesk has a clean interface which made it easier to read than other software systems; even if the ticket is forwarded to another co-worker, team or department. Plus, with its apps, triggers and macros, it can be customized to precisely fit the business. Zendesk is a great system to make sure all our customers are being served quickly and efficiently taken care of. It is easy to use and straightforward.”

Within the first three months of implementation, Marsbet registered a 30-35% increase in efficiency and once the staff had been adequately trained by the iMovo team, Customer Support saw their performance improve by 80-85%.

Zendesk Exceeded Marsbet Expectations

Zendesk exceeded Marsbet’s expectations. It allowed them to capture all customer service traffic within a single system, ensuring that each channel was well monitored and organised, thus improving the company’s customer relationships. Moreover, since Zendesk is mostly utilized by the Customer Service Department, it also helped with setting up, tracking and measuring the KPIs and performances of the different teams.


The value gained – Support Centre that really “listens” to every client

Zendesk is the perfect tool for growing companies such as Marsbet. It is scalable, quick and easy to use, improving the overall effectiveness of customer service as well as marketing. Thanks to Zendesk and their partnership with iMovo, Marsbet now has a fully customized and branded Help Centre full of support and informative articles further augmenting communications with their customers. Moreover, with Zendesk, Marsbet is now also able to run frequent (every 2/3 months) Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. This allows the company to effectively ‘listen’ to its customers, gather their feedback to continue improving on the product and service quality.

Today Marsbet uses several products from the Zendesk suite.

Jack Larsson

Brand Manager, Marsbet

“There are so many different aspects of Zendesk that we rely on at Marsbet. These include Zendesk Chat, Macros which enable us to reply to our customers within 5 seconds, Automation and e-mail/chat Triggers to welcome our customers or to redirect them easily and in an automated way, as well as Reports, which we use to see our performance, satisfaction, response time, waiting time values and of course to improve those sides of the departments. There are so many great features that are all vital to our department. Marketplace is also another great feature that allows different applications and features to be easily integrated to Zendesk.”

Jack Larsson went on to explain how out of all these exciting features he is particularly happy with and relies mostly on Zendesk Message and their new Help Centre.

Jack Larsson

Brand Manager, Marsbet

“Facebook and Twitter integration (Zendesk Message) is one of the things that we use most. Especially in this era of social media, it helps us a lot and as we continue to expand our operations, we look forward to adding more social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube.

Our Help Center, on the other hand, is what I believe gave Marsbet its competitive edge. The integration with the Live Support button on our website has helped a lot of our customers get the information they require quickly and in a professional environment, rather than waiting in line. In the future, we would like to rely on AnswerBot and Help Centre to decrease our chat flow, but this would largely depend on the availability of our different operational languages.

Zendesk is very easy to use and thanks to iMovo, implementation and product take-up was very fast. It helps organize and improve the efficiencies in your department and provides solid monitoring tools for what you are trying to do. There are always things that can help the company be more efficient, and in this case, it would be having Answer Bot translated to our operation languages.”

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