Meeting Point International

Transforming Travel Management: How iMovo Revolutionised Meeting Point International's Data Strategy

Meeting Point International - Driving success through data.

Meeting Point International - Driving success through data.

Meeting Point International is a premier destination management company based in the Bavarian capital of Munich, Germany, operating in 40 destinations across 18 countries and supplies to more than 450 partners.

In today’s competitive business landscape, data-driven decision-making is crucial for staying ahead. However, Meeting Point International faced significant challenges in managing their data effectively, needing a solution to enable quick and effortless data-driven decision-making for both daily operations and long-term strategic planning. 

The Challenge: Unstructured Data and Reporting Difficulties

Meeting Point International faced significant challenges in managing multiple core systems filled with unstructured data, which hindered their ability to generate accurate and timely reports. This lack of a streamlined reporting process hampered their ability to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. As a result, Meeting Point International sought out to initiate a process to facilitate efficient data-driven decision-making for both daily operations and long-term strategic planning.

Story Highlights

The most transformative aspect of Meeting Point International’s partnership with iMovo was the implementation of a meticulously structured approach to data management. After a rigorous evaluation process, involving input from diverse teams and stakeholders, the ideal system was put into place, equipping Meeting Point employees with a streamlined process for generating reports and visualizing data across their global network of destinations. Gone are the days of drowning in spreadsheets and grappling with unmanageable datasets. Meeting Point International now enjoys the luxury of effortless access to data and visuals, freeing up valuable time and boosting productivity to unprecedented levels. It’s a game-changer that has set them apart in the competitive travel industry.

The decision-making process behind this transformative shift was a testament to the power of collaboration. By bringing together multiple perspectives from within Meeting Point International and iMovo, the project ensured that every angle was considered, paving the way for a solution that truly resonated with the company’s needs and aspirations.

Elevating Insights with Power BI

iMovo’s implementation of Power BI is at the heart of Meeting Point International's data visualisation and reporting capabilities. This dynamic tool, renowned for its robust business analytics features, delivers interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities that propel Meeting Point International towards deeper insights and more informed decision-making.

Embracing Innovation Across the Organisation

From the bustling headquarters to the far-reaching local entities, iMovo's services have permeated every level of Meeting Point International's organisation. This widespread adoption of Microsoft Power BI fosters seamless collaboration, enabling enhanced data-driven decision-making that amplifies the value derived from their investment.

Unleashing Competitive Edge through Data Mastery

With Microsoft Power BI at their fingertips, Meeting Point International gained a strategic advantage through a well-functioning reporting system and effortless access to critical data and visuals. This newfound agility allows them to swiftly analyse and interpret data, empowering proactive responses to market shifts and informed decision-making that cements their position as a trailblazer in the travel industry. By streamlining data access and enhancing productivity, Meeting Point International’s partnership with iMovo has propelled them towards sustained success and industry leadership.

What Meeting Point International had to say about iMovo

“iMovo has been very approachable throughout the project, and despite unforeseen challenges, helped deliver a well-functioning reporting system with a lot of potential for further improvement down the line.”

Unlocking the Potential

Through iMovo’s services, Meeting Point International’s data management and reporting processes, have helped move them to the forefront of the highly competitive travel agency industry.

Praising iMovo for their unwavering dedication and approachability, Meeting Point International acknowledged the successful delivery of a robust reporting system with vast potential for further enhancements. This strategic alliance has introduced a structured approach to data management, enabling streamlined report generation and data visualization across multiple destinations.

With iMovo’s support, Meeting Point International has unlocked the industry’s potential advantages, leveraging streamlined data access and powerful visualizations to drive informed decision-making and continued success. As they look towards the future, Meeting Point International eagerly anticipates further collaboration with iMovo to maintain their position as industry leaders.


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