Testimonial: 360hyper

Discover how iMovo has helped 360hyper to respond more quickly and confidently to their customers to deliver a superior customer experience.

Discover how iMovo has helped 360hyper to respond more quickly and confidently to their customers to deliver a superior customer experience.

360hyper - Personalised Customer Support

360hyper is a personal shopping service that includes several supermarkets and has been in operation since April 2020. When the pandemic broke out, this online supermarket wanted to make a statement by delivering essential goods to customers’ doorsteps within hours.

The company works with several supermarkets, including Recheio, Continente and Minipreço, the largest in Portugal. The service is currently only available in the main cities in mainland Portugal but is expected to expand to as many people as possible across the country.

360hyper offers personalised customer service and places great emphasis on customer feedback, which requires effective customer support.


Challenge – to provide customers with a faster, more assertive response

The 360hyper team receives requests for help and questions through various channels, with email and chat messages being the most common. The lack of a central platform that allows the company to respond directly to all customers, regardless of the channel used, made it difficult to respond to all users as quickly as they would like.

360hyper experienced rapid growth as the company increasingly relied on digital means that allowed consumers to shop even after official opening hours. The company, therefore, felt compelled to implement a robust, efficient platform for managing customer enquiries.

360hyper was looking for a way to provide the effective support required to deal with issues or service requests quickly, while always putting the customer first . The company placed a high value on customer satisfaction and needed a solution that would provide exceptional service.

Seeking the best Customer Service solution

The missing link was a partner who would help 360hyper deliver excellent customer service and enable the brand to grow exponentially. Finding the perfect partner was far from  easy, but fate ensured that the right people came together in the right place.  

In 2021, iMovo and 360hyper struck up a conversation at E-Commerce Connect. During the conversation, 360hyper “saw the signs of an alliance that could be used to improve the efficiency of the company’s operations“. Later that year, they got in touch again and the 360hyper team decided to move forward with the project.  

After rigorous planning, the whole process was worked out and carried out in less than three months.   

What convinced 360hyper was the speed with which iMovo found a solution to the task at hand and the flexibility in terms of budget. In addition, the whole process of analysing and negotiating the terms of the project was simplified thanks to the flexibility of both teams and their clear, open communication. 

iMovo, a Zendesk Partner

The Solution – Zendesk integration and configuration by iMovo

After several discussions with the 360hyper to identify the reasons that were preventing the company from providing excellent customer service, the solution was clear: a tool was needed that would allow the company to respond to all customers on a single platform. Zendesk would be the perfect tool, and iMovo the right partner to implement and optimise the platform and its processes.

The customer service platform is designed to help businesses build and maintain valuable relationships with their customers. It facilitates customer’s interaction with the brand and bundles all interactions so that they can be managed through a single platform.

In just two weeks, the platform was integrated and configured across all communication channels used by 360hyper, seamlessly adapting to work with Zendesk. 360hyper’s management team was also always heavily involved in the initial and negotiation processes with iMovo, ensuring macro visibility of support operations.

Customers that feel heard

Thanks to Zendesk and iMovo, 360hyper now has a strong foundation to support its expansion plans. The company is also able to respond to all enquiries and questions on different channels much faster because  it can do everything in one place! 

Zendesk’s central management component gives the company a clear, overarching view of its customers’ needs and enables it to develop products and solutions that meet those needs.  

Faster response times increase customer satisfaction and enable the company to stand out from its competitors. Both new and existing 360hyper customers feel heard and enjoy the shopping experience at this online supermarket. When customers feel heard. 

Filipe Nery

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, 360hyper

“iMovo was crucial to the implementation of Zendesk. Thanks to the software, 360hyper was able to gain an integrated view of all customer messages, whether sent via email or chat, allowing us to provide better, more effective responses!”

iMovo has a long history of working with Zendesk as a Premier Implementation Partner and has extensive experience working with companies of various sizes and across a range of industries. This relationship allows us to help clients like 360hyper deliver the best possible customer experience. Our specialised team is always ready to find the perfect solution to the challenges each client faces on their digital transformation journey. For more information, contact us at info@imovo.com.

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