Harnessing AI & Machine Learning

for the iGaming Industry

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the innovative world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)? Prepare to dive into the future of our groundbreaking event led by iMovo and in partnership with Tableau (Salesforce), LeoVegas and ComeOn Group – key industry players at the forefront of technological advancement. 

Join us on Thursday 19 October at The Trident Park Conference Hall, at the BrewHouse Malta, as we unveil the immense potential of AI and ML in the industry. At this event, thought leaders Jordan Bonello Gauci of iMovo, Dr Fabian Micallef of ComeOn Group and Mark Pace of LeoVegas will share unique insights into how AI and ML are accelerating the adoption of advanced technologies in iGaming and every other industry, driving efficiency, enabling smarter decision-making and streamlining key workflows in your business. 

Whether you are connected to the iGaming industry or not, this event is tailored to provide insights to professionals like you who want to learn how AI and ML can be applied to their business to improve their operational workflows. Discover how others, just like you, have harnessed the power of AI and ML to overcome challenges and streamline their tasks.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to network with industry leaders, challenge conventional norms and position yourself at the forefront of a technological renaissance. Be ready to think differently and be inspired by the potential of AI and ML to change the business landscape. 

Meet the Speakers

iMovo's Managing Director

Pierre Mallia

Managing Director at iMovo

Pierre has diverse experience in various sectors, including public services, telecommunications, software development, manufacturing, healthcare, media, retail, transport, finance, and recruitment. After working with start-ups, he spent seven years as a Country Manager at Microsoft. In 2010, he founded iMovo Limited, focusing on Customer Experience & Service Management through CRM, Business Intelligence, and Workforce Management. Pierre holds a degree in Computer Science from Kingston University and has completed executive development programs at the National University of Singapore and INSEAD.

Jordan Bonello Gauci

Business Development Manager at iMovo Ltd 

With more than ten years of experience in iGaming, e-commerce, and technical consulting, Jordan is a highly skilled business development professional. He possesses a strong sales background, strategic mindset, and entrepreneurial spirit, which enable him to solve problems effectively. Over the last three years, Jordan has been dedicated to transforming the way companies use their data. He strives to offer innovative solutions and anticipates future challenges to provide proactive recommendations that keep organizations at the forefront of innovation. Jordan’s extensive experience makes him an invaluable asset to organizations seeking strategic growth through data utilization.

iMovo business development professional
Harnessing AI & Machine Learning for the iGaming Industry

Mark Pace

Head of Data and Analytics at LeoVegas

Mark Pace is the Head of Data & Analytics at LeoVegas. He’s a sports and technology enthusiast with a strong passion for leadership and management with 13+ years of experience in the iGaming Industry, having multiple roles that allowed him to gain comprehensive insights into different aspects of this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. Focusing on building cohesive data teams, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, keeping up to date on the latest technology trends and how these can be leveraged in the day-to-day work. 

Dr. Fabian Micallef

Lead Data Scientist at ComeOn Group

Dr. Fabian Micallef is active in the broad Data Science space on multiple fronts. He is currently Lead Data Scientist at ComeOn Group, participates in research at the University of Malta, and champions the use of decentralised federated learning. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Malta, Fabian read for a doctoral degree in optoelectronic engineering from the University of Cambridge, where he contracted the data bug. While working as a policy officer focusing on AI crop classification from satellite imagery, Fabian read for a master’s degree in data analytics from the University of Glasgow. In the last few years Fabian has applied AI techniques to federated learning, language processing, advanced OCR, spatial management, and gaming. In his free time Fabian tries to keep up with his three children and enjoys Games Workshop tabletop wargaming and the Magic: The Gathering card game.

Harnessing AI & Machine Learning for the iGaming Industry
Digital Transformation Unplugged Driving Growth with AI, Automation & Data

Edward Midolo

VP of Systems & Technology at Catena Media

With 20 years of experience, working within global organisations, Edward has accumulated a pool of technical knowledge in various areas and industries. Edward’s Technical background varies from telecoms to gaming, together with leadership skills from leading teams as large as 50+ people. Working in a remote environment he has a wealth of experience leading teams all over the world. Edward worked with reputable organisations such as: CCBill, Gamesys Network Ltd and GO plc in infrastructure, management & design, systems engineering, tech and IT strategies, tech organisational structure development and team development & mentoring.

Join us on the 19th of October

Secure your place now for an event that promises to ignite your passion for innovation and guide you through the future of iGaming. Together, let’s embrace the limitless possibilities that AI and ML offer in transforming the industry.

08:30 amKeynote
Pierre Mallia – Managing Director, iMovo Ltd.
10:00 amBetting on Intelligence: How AI and ML are Reshaping an Industry
Mark Pace – Head of Data & Analytics, LeoVegas
10:30 amFederated Learning for iGaming
Dr Fabian Micallef – Data Scientist, ComeOn Group
11:00 amCoffee Break
11:15 amMaximizing your Bet: Accelerating the Adoption of Machine Learning with iMovo
Jordan Bonello Gauci – Business Development Manager, iMovo Ltd.
11:45 amPanel Discussion featuring iGaming Industry Leaders
Mark Pace – Head of Data & Analytics, LeoVegas
Dr Fabian Micallef – Data Scientist, ComeOn Group
Edward Midolo – VP of Systems & Technology, Catena Media
12:30 pmNetworking Lunch at the Cisk Tap

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