3 Ways in which AI is Transforming Customer Service 

What once was merely science fiction fodder, is now a reality. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is more than just an emerging technology; it is a viable, effective business tool, and cutting-edge businesses are utilising AI to increase productivity and revenue while building highly-efficient, personalised customer experiences. While AI can benefit businesses and brands in a variety of ways, it can have a transformative and prolific impact on customer service.   

 Independent Problem Solving 

AI has the ability to save customer service agents a significant amount of time by solving basic customers issues without human intervention. Since AI is constantly learning, it has the ability to determine which consumer problems it can handle alone and when a problem is big enough to turn over to a human. By solving basic problems, AI can provide customer service agents with more time to provide higher quality service to customers who need greater attention or whose issues are complex.  

 Aside from resolving basic inquiries, AI can more efficiently pinpoint specific customer issues and direct them to the proper support channel. As a result, customers typically report higher levels of customer service satisfaction.  

 Constant and Consistent Service 

Unlike humans, AI does not need a vacation, is immune to illness, and never needs to take off for a holiday. Thus, AI can offer consistent and uninterrupted service that exceeds the ability of humans. AI essentially eliminates the restriction of time, allowing customers to obtain answers and support 24/7. 

Similarly, AI does not have bad days. It does not have arguments with significant others, does not suffer from road rage, does not catch colds or suffer from the ebb and flow of emotions that humans experience on a daily basis. As a result, AI can offer a far more consistent customer experience.  

 Keeping Customers in the Loop 

AI can always make time to provide updates to customers so as to keep them in the loop. Customers never want to be in the dark. However, human customer service agents may be tied up handling another situation and may not be able to consistently provide customer updates. For example, airports are harnessing the power of AI to keep travellers updated on changes to their flights, boarding, arrival times and much more. As a result, travellers feel more secure and at ease and human personnel does not get bogged down providing constant updates.  


AI can provide a wide array of benefits to businesses in general, but even more so, to the customer service industry. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can provide better, more effective, and more cost-efficient customer service.  

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