Of Carts, Horses and Evangelists

Of Carts, Horses and Evangelists

The COVID-19 pandemic has induced a marked and necessary drive towards digital transformation.  Such transformation is promoted as necessary to address the profound changes in consumer behaviour, the two most marked being a significant and sudden increase in online shopping and the relatively faster adoption of digital services. 

Virtual Sanity

 “Work would be great, if it wasn’t for clients” is a cliched quip, often put forward to justify stress within the workplace.  The notion of occupational stress has been omnipresent across the last hundred years or more. Daniel Susskind, in his book ‘A World Without Work,’ describes how ‘our more distant ancestors simply hunted and […]

Turn and Face the Change – How does the post-covid corporate environment look like?

All too often, change occurs in small, incremental, and sometimes organic stages; the history of flight or the automobile, the emergence of information communication technology (ICT) as well as modern healthcare are just a few examples of modern-day aspects that have emerged gradually over the years, decades and even longer timeframes. But occasionally, change happens […]

Hail to our young heroes

The current pandemic has affected all of us differently. This article looks into how the different generations handled the situation when it comes to work.

Workforce & Schedule Management – A key to a happier and more flexible workforce

Managing time is a big part of managing people. Like everything in life, shift work is a gentle balancing act and creating work schedules is not an easy task. It’s rare that everybody gets the shift they want, and if you manage hourly employees, you know how many issues can come up when you’re trying to schedule shifts. Predicting busy times and arranging for staff accordingly doesn’t always go smoothly.

When mere words are not enough

The word emoji comes from the Japanese word ‘e’ (meaning picture) and ‘moji’ (meaning character), and the widespread popularity of these pictographs (pictorial symbols) can be assessed from the fact that they are today so ubiquitous we frequently fail to notice them in our day-to-day correspondence, social media posts and replies.

Ten Tethered Red Balloons (Part 2)

When DARPA and all interested parties had recovered from the sheer surprise at the swiftness with which the competition had been won, most social media experts incorrectly assumed that the competition had been won through the superior number of participants that the winning team had managed to recruit relative to the other teams. 

Ten Tethered Red Balloons (Part 1)

As a company specialising in Customer Experience Management (CEM), a field of client analysis that encompasses the relatively modern medium of social networks, there is one particular question that we, at iMovo, get asked more often than any other.  This question revolves around the hype of social media and this is where the story of the ten red balloons starts.

The adventures of Hadrian: El Camino de Santiago

Hadrian Sammut, Chief Officer of Advisory and Projects at iMovo, recently completed the Camino de Santiago. This interview highlights his motivations and preparations (if any) for the trip, the peaks and valleys of the walk, and his plans for future adventures – when he recovers from this one, that is.  

The death of a master storyteller

On February 7, 2017, the world lost one of its best-known Swedish academics – Hans Rosling. One described as ‘the man in whose hands data sings’.  Others described him as a ‘data guru’ and even ‘the Jedi master of data visualisation’.

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