How businesses can leverage technology to recover after COVID-19

When considering implementing RPA, one should not just look at the short-term financial gains, particularly if those are simply a result of labour savings. That approach does not do justice to the power of the software, because there are multiple business benefits.

iMovo’s Viewpoint on Recent Developments within the iGaming Sector

As a company specializing in customer service management, iMovo has worked alongside several companies in the Gaming sector. We note the recent events in the sector, particularly the lay-off of staff by a variety of companies, some of which we have worked quite closely with, these past years.

Dealing with the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Since the early part of last century, technological progress has marched forward at sharp rate, albeit with the so called “waves” coming hard and fast as a north easterly storm on the coast. After a surge in innovation in the field of information technology dating back to the 1970s, with the emergence of the first “personal” device – the PC and stretching well into the early years of this century, we seem poised on what could become a very big wave. Some economists have posited the idea that we are about to embark on the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Why Outsourcing Is So Last Year

Whereas for the past decade, technical and customer support has been in the vanguard of outsourced services, we’ve observed an interesting counter phenomena which I thought I’d share with fellow business leaders and perhaps try to give some insight into a growing trend.

Why Companies Need to Rethink Organisational Structure

Fifty years ago the editor of Fortune magazine, William Whyte, authored a book titled ‘The Organisation Man’ that defined the nature of corporate life for a generation. The book described how America, whose people, he said, had “led in the public worship of individualism,” had recently turned into a nation of employees.

Towards Better Interaction of Government with Citizen

Over the last decade, driven by ever increasing competitive intensity, companies began to look to how technology could be applied to a new area of focus: driving more sales, increasing demand for their products and services and retaining customers in the era of ever diminishing customer loyalty.

It is time for a renewed national ICT Industry Policy Framework

Malta’s ICT industry has experienced substantial growth, which to a degree mirrors similar trends elsewhere since 1990. Today the sector is said to contribute some 5% of GDP.

Historically, the first national ICT policy has its roots in a Public Service Review carried out in 1990 which charted out strategic reform supported by ICT.

Automating for Marketing Success

I’ve always considered Marketing to be a very creative discipline – with the capacity to pull at our heart strings, senses and “needs” to drive brand awareness, interest and ultimately the transaction.

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