Automating your expenses processing: Introducing BizBox Employee Expense

iMovo, a well-known digitalisation and consulting company with offices in Malta and Portugal, has unveiled its latest solution – BizBox Employee Expense.

Under the brand name BizBox, iMovo is introducing a range of products that automate common business processes that have traditionally been handled manually. The first product in the BizBox family, BizBox Accounts Payable, was launched earlier this year and streamlines the processing of incoming supplier invoices, reducing accounts payable costs by a remarkable 80%. iMovo’s second solution, BizBox Employee Expense, is designed to automate employee expense claims, reducing the time and effort required to process, approve and settle expenses by up to 70% and increasing employee satisfaction. 

With BizBox Employee Expense, companies can fully automate the processing of expense claims, saving up to 70% of the time previously spent on manual expense management. “This innovative solution automates every facet of expense management, from capture to approval and processing, increasing employee productivity and efficiency. It requires minimal training and can be implemented quickly. In addition, BizBox Employee Expense is accompanied by a mobile app that allows employees to create individual accounts to upload their expenses from anywhere,” explains an iMovo spokesperson. 

The comprehensive BizBox Employee Expense solution addresses the challenges of today’s fast-paced business environment and transforms the way companies approach and manage their expenses. It integrates seamlessly with existing accounting systems or ERPs and automates the accounting process. This integration improves accuracy, transparency, efficiency and real-time data visibility, reduces data silos and improves financial management, while providing more control. 

In a business environment where cost optimisation is paramount, companies that rely on manual processes face significant obstacles, compounded by recruitment and retention challenges. “It is against this backdrop that we introduce BizBox, an innovative, seamlessly integrated and easy-to-use solution built on out-of-the-box technology. With BizBox Employee Expense, we offer a solution that not only removes the burden of manual processes, but also enables businesses to succeed in the modern digital economy,” said the spokesperson. 

The BizBox Employee Expense Management solution is accessible to businesses of all sizes. For more information about BizBox Employee Expense and other products in the BizBox family, please contact us at 

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