Your Human Resources department could benefit from Automation  

Workforce management consists of all the activities that are involved in handling your workforce. Efficient workforce management originates from Human Resources (HR) and one tool that makes your HR department more efficient is automation.  Automation is a system which is programmed to perform tasks which were previously performed by humans. It is being used in a number of areas.

Let’s have a look at some of the key HR functions that require automation more than any other function.

1.  Time Tracking 

There are all kinds of risks that come with leveraging digital systems in the workplace – even with cloud-based solutions. One such risk is security. Employing a system that workers must mandatorily install on their devices prevents this in many ways.  

It allows employees to track their time and attendance. More importantly, you drastically reduce the possibility of human error, as well as bias. Managers can assess employees using objective data and avoid any complications.  

Timekeeping systems also boost productivity because employees know they’re being monitored. Top management benefits by knowing exactly how employees make use of their hours and how much it costs the company.  

2. Onboarding 

Onboarding is a challenging exercise for employees and managers alike. The good news is that automation can eliminate much of the complexity. For instance, automated systems can avoid scheduling errors or clear confusions regarding orientation assignments.  

Automated onboarding can also help new members experience a sense of affirmation with regard to their decision to join the organization.  

Statistics show that the average employer spends a lot of time and money onboarding fresh recruits. So, to ensure that this money is spent usefully, tools and processes that simplify the whole onboarding task must be introduced.  

This, in turn, will ensure that employees stay back for longer.

3. Recruitment 

Application tracking programs can simplify the task of recruiting new workers. Business Intelligence (BI) tools can scan applications for keywords based on the job description and narrow down the ideal options. Also, it eliminates all human bias likely to be present in the hiring process.  

Automated recruitment also streamlines the communication process between prospects and the hiring team which reduces the chances of miscommunication and other issues.  

If you are managing a workforce and are considering automating some processes, get in touch with us and we will guide you through the options available.  This can be your first step towards revolutionizing your business.

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