10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for 20 years and although its advantages have been proven time and time again, there are businesses who still operate without it. Research has shown that 94% of companies saw an improvement security-wise when they adopted cloud computing. 91% were of the opinion that cloud computing made it easier to adhere to compliance regulations. Dell also reported that companies investing in cloud computing saw a 53% increase in their revenue.

These statistics paint a clear picture of the benefits of cloud computing and how it can transform your business for the better. Below we list 10 benefits you will take advantage of when adopting the cloud.

#1 – Mobility

By using cloud systems, you and your employees can access data remotely on different devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. An estimated 2.6 billion smartphones are used every day so why not take advantage of this and offer your hard-working employees remote working? People who have to commute long distances to the office can split their week between the workplace and home if cloud computing is available. Being a flexible company and giving your employees the option to work from home is always a bonus. Colleagues can keep in contact all the time and share corporate documents and work easily. And in case of a global pandemic, such as the one we are living now, you will have peace of mind knowing that all your employees can continue working normally from home.

#2 – Security

Some business owners are concerned about the security levels on cloud computing networks. In reality, cloud security features are much stricter and airtight than local, internal servers. This is because they use encryption keys and store data in different databases. This makes it more difficult for hackers to access information. And as was mentioned in the intro to this article, a staggering 94% of businesses who adopted the cloud reported an improvement in security.

#3 – Flexibility

If your business spends more time on IT solutions than doing actual work, your productivity will undoubtedly take a hit. Using cloud computing you can access extra bandwidth with the touch of a button – rather than having to undergo a rigorous process to expand your IT system. This leads to leaner processes and increased efficiency, allowing you to meet business demands instantly.

#4 – Cost Savings

One major benefit of cloud computing systems is that they offer a pay-as-you-go payment model. Basically, you will pay for the services you use. Only! Most businesses use the cloud mainly for data storage purposes. The payment models available allow you to pay for the storage amount you will be using only and will not charge you for storage space you are not accessing. Using the cloud you will save money as you will not have to incur extra costs to start new projects. Projects can now be implemented on one system and be accessed remotely from anywhere.

#5 – Quality Control

If you had to ask business owners what they despise the most it would be quality control and how to ensure that high-quality work is constantly being produced. Through cloud computing, since all files are stored in the same place, it is easy to retain an audit trail of any updates or revisions. This maintains consistency and reduces human errors.

#6 – Better Collaboration

If your company employs a good number of people, using cloud computing can be extremely beneficial. By asking employees to upload their work on a single server based on the cloud you will have seamless communication and collaboration across all levels. Team members will be able to view each other’s schedules, work documents, mutual working files and much more, making working as a team that much easier and secure.

#7 – Easier Recovery

Saving data off cloud can be detrimental in case of a sudden loss of power, access or a hacking attempt. Recovery in these cases can take hours if not days on a non-cloud storage system. Being unproductive for hours or days at a time could mean loss of revenue but can also be seen as unprofessional to your clients. Businesses using cloud computing have reportedly recovered their data in about 4 hours in disaster recovery situations.

#8 – Competitive Advantage

Being first movers on the market can put your company at the forefront of the industry. Although cloud computing is getting increasingly popular, there are still those that lag behind. The latter will face a competitive disadvantage when cloud computing becomes the norm and they have to catch up. Verizon has reported that 77% of businesses using the cloud feel they have an edge on their competition. So invest today and enjoy the benefits in the short and long term!

#9 – Automatic Updates

Updating and taking the time to install new software versions every 3 months or so can get tiresome and usually results in no productivity for a number of hours. That is if you use non-cloud storage and networking systems. Cloud solutions update their software and systems automatically and you do not have to do anything! This saves time and money being spent on internal hardware and other IT solutions.

#10 – Analytical Insights

Data is money. Going through millions of data bits can be a cumbersome task if you are using manual analytical techniques. On the other hand, cloud computing enables you to use its analytical capability to get a holistic view of your data. You can also generate reports in different formats. Efficiently analyzing your sales data could lead you to discover trends or patterns that you can monetize. In addition, actionable plans can be created from this analyzed data since information gathered is real-time and up to date.

Cloud computing is definitely becoming a necessity for companies in this day and age, especially as we progress towards the future of work. At iMovo, we can help you on your journey to implement software which is based on the cloud – from Data Science, Customer Service help-desk, Customer Relationship Management(CRM), and Workforce Management (WFM) solutions. We will help you take your data to the cloud and have a remote workforce within a matter of days or weeks (depending on the project). Contact us now to kickstart your journey.

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