Promoting Education and Social Integration – iMovo Ltd. helps residents of Dar Osanna Pia realise their potential.

As a responsible corporate citizen iMovo has chosen to focus its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the area of Education and Social Integration. In particular as a company, we are aware of the challenges that people less fortunate than ourselves and perhaps unable to live safely in their own country, face. One of iMovo’s initiatives this year was to help two residents of Dar Osanna Pia, which is run by the Salesians of Don Bosco and caters for young men between the ages of 18 and 25. These young men who hail from countries such as Somalia and Ethiopia, work hard to become productive and valuable members of Malta’s society.

Our activities in this regard have revolved around two key elements – on one hand, iMovo donated a significant amount of office furniture to the Salesians, enabling them to kit the new offices they set up to serve the community at large at the Oratory in Sliema. On the other hand, we hosted two young men from Dar Osanna Pia, over the summer months to enable them to undergo training and learning from the iMovo team itself in the field of IT. This experience, whilst they are still undergoing their studies at MCAST, is aimed at helping them realise their full potential.

The experience of hosting the young men was beneficial not only to them, but also to our staff who had an opportunity to understand some of the challenges these youths have faced in the past and in the present. This form of engagement with the community at large plays a huge part of our mission and goals at iMovo, in line with our corporate values.

iMovo’s CEO, Pierre Mallia (right)
with Fr. Manuel Camilleri SBD, Dar Osanna Pia and
Tracy Anne Camilleri, Office Manager, iMovo Ltd

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