Marketing Intelligently – Where To Start?


iMovo was recently present at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A) conference, the UK’s leading multi-channel marketing and advertising event.

One of the key areas discussed and highlighted during the event was Customer Engagement – and the ability for marketers to tailor and personalise their customer experiences, by tapping into technology and utilising data available to them.

What value is there to using analytics in Marketing?

Employing analytics to aid or drive a business process does intelligent-marketing not yield a tangible profit in itself, but it provides business owners with the insight required to optimise it. The rising popularity of analytics comes as no surprise – virtually everything today is steeped in data: log data, big data, process data, product data, social data, web data, mobile data and so on.

Analytics will not change the way that marketing, both traditional and digital, is carried out. On the other hand, it will aid marketers in making the right decisions at the right time by allowing them to analyse trends in their data and extrapolate them to predict results.

The new-found accessibility of customer data is a large factor driving this movement. A large proportion of marketing is digital; marketing to users through social media, e-mail and web pages. Digital environments such as these, in turn, allow analytical tools to harvest data about user behaviour and the performance of marketing campaigns and present it to marketers in a way that makes sense.

Marketers can gain insight into customer habits while being able to measure the results of their marketing efforts. This information can then be used to improve upon marketing campaigns, to plan targets and predict the way new ideas will be received.

This is the right time to get into analytical marketing. Facebook, Google Analytics, e-mail and many leading CRM systems can now be accessed and their data tapped into.

Marketing Insights

iMovo has been working on an analytical tool for marketers, based on QlikView, Microsoft CRM and ClickDimensions. Dubbed “Marketing Insights”, this tool leverages data in CRM and the tracking functionalities of ClickDimensions to provide Web and E-Mail Analytics.

“Marketing Insights” analytical prowess boasts functions such as:

  • Analysing web traffic over time
  • Looking at high-value leads and contacts and displaying their browsing and e-mail behaviour
  • Suggesting the best day and hour to send an e-mail to an audience
  • Listing the highest-scoring keywords to improve SEO
  • Tracking e-mail performance over time
  • Identifying web visits sources
  • Calculating online visitor-to-lead conversion

If you would like to start tapping into your marketing data and would like to access a “Marketing Insights” demo, just get in touch, we will be more than happy to help.

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