Customer Service trends that are expected to make an impact in 2019

Earlier, managing customer expectations featured at the bottom of the priority list of businesses. This definitely isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to the availability of a plethora of options to choose from, modern consumers are more demanding than ever before and do not think twice before switching loyalty. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore their customers’ voices and must take steps to address their concerns.

Companies understand the importance of improving their customer experience and are ramping up their efforts to improve their CRM processes. Because customer preferences change every year, businesses need to keep pace with changing times and tweak their customer service strategy according to the latest market trends.

To help, we in this post, take a look at a few customer service trends that are expected to rule in 2019.

  1. Basic live chat to fall out of favor

Installing a chatbot that can address customer complaints and answer their questions is no longer enough to win over customers. The major downside of basic chat is a lack of personalisation. Basic chat solutions are not interactive, which is why they are fast falling out of favor. To make your customers fall in love with your brand, come up with fluid chat solutions that allow switching between mediums without requiring users to start over.

  1. Companies to become more proactive

Gone are the days when businesses used to wait for their customers to contact them. Modern businesses are adopting a proactive approach and are getting to the customer before they come to the business with complaints. To improve their customer experience, companies monitor every interaction that their customers have with different teams. Customer service teams can use this data to address grievances in a timely fashion.

  1. More companies to use video chat and voice chat for customer support

As more consumers demand video content, businesses will start using video chat or live chat instead of text to provide their customers with the information they’re looking for and walk them through their services. Real-time support comes with a number of benefits and can help both your customers and agents save time. Providing accurate resolutions in a timely fashion increases the chances of conversion.

  1. More businesses will use mobile channels to serve their customers

As mobile becomes the preferred medium for people to access the Internet, more businesses will start using mobile channels to address customer complaints. A mobile-first strategy helps improve your customer experience, which is essential for building a rapport with customers and creating loyalty.

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