Features to look for in a CRM solution

Having a good CRM solution is a great way to streamline your business. It can enable you to boost sales by improving your customer engagement and retention rates. Among the various CRM solutions you can find in the market today, only some of them have those essential features which any business can benefit from. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

CRM solution adoption by your teams

Team adoption rates among CRM solutions is currently well below 50%, according to research by the Gartner Group. Consequently, most CRM initiatives do not succeed as they cater mainly to senior managers and their needs. The right CRM must be accessible to all members of your company, especially your sales representatives. Catering to their requirements will enable them to secure more deals and make your software more acceptable among your employees.

A CRM that features automation is key

Tasks involving repetition can be time-consuming and exhausting. The right CRM solution will feature automation which will save you from performing repetitive tasks manually thereby enhancing productivity. You can use your time in performing other activities like social media marketing.

Intelligence to stay ahead of competitors

Being able to learn from data and interactions with customers is necessary to stay ahead of your competition. A CRM solution having artificial intelligence will explore your data, uncover patterns, predict outcomes, and make recommendations. Not only will your CRM assist you in shaping your business strategy but it will also help you to stay relevant and competitive.

Collaboration between all levels and departments

The right CRM solution will facilitate collaboration across all levels in your company. Good customer experiences are only possible when communication is clear and transparent among all employees. CRM can help to share data in real-time so that everyone receives updates and can work more effectively.

Being accessed from anywhere

Sales teams are no longer restricted to their desks for eight hours each day. Therefore, they must have the ability to secure deals and access contact details from any type of device. The right CRM solution will offer Android and iPhone mobile apps that are easy to use and reliable for business.

Cloud-based systems

Cloud-based systems can work on any device with access to an Internet connection. They can easily implement CRM solutions and might not require IT support. You can also save costs as cloud-based solutions do not require maintenance or upgrades like on-site CRM solutions.

Included and efficient support

Support is an important feature separating high-quality CRM solutions from the rest. The customer support team of your CRM provider should have a team of actual people available to give you assistance 24 hours by online chat, email, or phone.

Integration with your current systems

Integrating various functions can enable a business to run more smoothly and efficiently. If your employees need to log off the CRM system each time they are writing an email or checking their calendars, there will be much loss in time and productivity. Choose a CRM software that allows you to integrate it with business tools (like chat services, marketing, accounting, etc.) so that you can capture real-time data and accomplish all tasks in one place.

Customization to your specific needs

Every business has its own way of working. That is why the ideal CRM solution ought to be easily customizable. It should know your company’s priorities and be able to present information hierarchically. Some solutions also offer drag-and-drop customization abilities and give regular upgrades which do not affect these customizations.

Easy to setup

Avoid purchasing CRM solutions that require you to organize extensive training sessions for your employees. Instead, find a CRM that is user-friendly and can be learned within a few hours instead of over weeks. The more intuitive your CRM solution is, the more comfortable your sales representatives will be with using it to grow your business.

As you can see, implementing a CRM is not an easy task, let alone choosing the one that best fits your daily work. That’s why it’s important to have a partner when making this decision. iMovo will look at your business, assess your needs and present you with the best tool, always keeping your budget in mind. But that’s not all: we have a team of specialists in various areas of digital transformation, such as CRM, CX, business intelligence, data science and process automation, who ensure seamless implementation, training and ongoing support. Learn from our own customers here.

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