5 Free Zendesk Apps that will Make Your Life 10 Times Easier

Zendesk has one of the best Apps market place in the support desk software market. These Apps extend the functionality within your Zendesk and help to further improve productivity and efficiency. Keeping sales and support teams aligned has never been so easy and hassle-free!

Here are 5 free Apps that we guarantee will make your life at least 10 times easier.

Time Tracking – Capture the time your agents spend on every ticket

This App is great for those team leaders who would like to manage their team’s performance by tracking the time spent on each Zendesk ticket. This app is also beneficial to support teams to identify which customers require most effort or which type of issues take longest to solve. This App can also be optimised to fit the team’s needs.

Learn more about Time Tracking.

Conditional fields – Build rules on your ticket fields for agent and end-user

Setting conditions on fields helps enhance the usability for the agent and improve the experience for the end-user. This App provides the functionality of hiding or showing fields depending on certain criteria set beforehand.

For example, if your ticket has a custom field that has two options – and one is selected – only the fields linked to that option will show.

Learn more about Conditional Fields.


 iFrame – Embed any website in your Zendesk

This iFrame App provides the capability of nesting webpages into other webpages. It enables agents to quickly navigate to an external website and then return to their tickets without interrupting their workflow.

Learn more about iFrame.


OOPS – Allow agents to cancel a ticket submission within a configurable timeout

This App allows agents to quickly cancel a submission within an amount of time which they can set themselves. This is particularly beneficial for agents who notice a mistake in their submission and want to correct it without the end-user ever discovering.

Learn more about OOPS.


Linked Ticket – Create a child ticket from an existing parent ticket

This app enables agents to create a child ticket from an existing parent ticket and thus link the two tickets together.

For example, if an end user asks an agent about a particular issue that the agent is not capable of solving, a third-party is involved into the conversation. The advantage of these child tickets are therefore to keep all the conversations gathered but limit the access to customer information for the third-party.

Learn more about Linked Ticket.


1) Sign in to your Zendesk, then click the Admin icon in the sidebar.

2) Select Apps > Marketplace, then find the app and click the tile.

3) On the app page, click Install app in the upper-right corner.

4) Select the configurations you want, then click Install.

5) Refresh your browser.

Adapted from Zendesk [July 2015]

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