The future of Customer Service with Zendesk and iMovo

We recently held our annual event ‘The future of Customer Service’ together with Zendesk at the exclusive Royal Malta Golf Club, Marsa. This event revolved around the topic of Artificial Intelligence and how it can boost your team’s productivity.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to meet with James Ireson, Senior Director from Zendesk, and listen to his keynote about customer service; how it has evolved along the years, and what to expect in the future.  He spoke about how Zendesk can be the platform that aligns the goals of the company with what your customers want and essentially be the company that your customers want you to be.

Four existing customers of Zendesk (and iMovo): Quasar, Marsbet, Foster Clark, and PLANit took part in a panel discussion and shared their experiences with using Zendesk, the challenges they were facing before implementing Zendesk, the implementation process, the continued use of the product and how it has benefited their company.

Emmanuel Buttigieg, Customer Engagement Management Line Advisor at iMovo then gave an interactive demo on the product and went on to showcase how Zendesk can help you build the best customer experience for your customers in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Attendees had the opportunity to preview an exclusive demo of Human+AI, a new AI platform by Digital Genius which also integrates seamlessly with Zendesk.

The traditional iMovo and Zendesk Customer Service Optimisation award was then presented to Malta International Airport(MIA), after having met all the winning criteria. These criteria being:

  • The ability to use Zendesk in an innovative manner;
  • The application of seamless and automated support processes; and
  • The opportunity to adopt new features for the further development of their business.

MIA competed with three other companies, who were nominated for the award: Marsbet, Quasar, and Melita.

The event continued with networking lunch and 1:1 sessions with iMovo’s product specialists – Emmanuel, Francesca, and Jessica – who dealt with questions from clients and companies interested in implementing Zendesk.

After this, attendees also had the option of playing golf at the gorgeous fields of the Royal Malta Golf Course with the Zendesk and iMovo teams, and a professional golfing instructor.

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