How Pitch22 is using Zendesk to provide the best possible customer service

This month we would like to bring you a Zendesk testimonial from Pitch 22,  who have developed a web application that assists youth and amateur football clubs to improve their operations.

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The platform addresses the difficulties some football clubs face in the way they administer their operations. Most clubs are still using methods that waste time and money and dilute focus on youth development.

In addition, clubs lack data that may be used to improve their performance and fail in providing a safe online environment where administration staff, coaches, parent and players may communicate.

Pitch22 addresses these problems by providing a solution that may be considered to be the enterprise software for youth and amateur football clubs.

Although the company has built its platform, it appreciates that it makes sense to use other specialised tools on the market for some of its functions. In fact, Pitch22 proudly uses Zendesk to take care of its Help Centre. This may be split into two main areas.

Knowledge Base & FAQ’s

Zendesk gives Pitch22 the ability to add articles that are used by clubs to learn how to use the platform. Screenshots and videos may also be added to help users understand even further. This section is intrinsically a knowledge base that is available to anyone. This feature allows Pitch22 to make use of a tailor made infrastructure without the need for development.

Support Desk

Since each club requires support, Pitch22 also uses Zendesk to capture and track any request made by the clubs and their users. Zendesk may channel the request to different staff members at Pitch22, based on where the request is issued from. A request originating from the Pitch22 website will be sent to one person. On the other hand, a request made from within the platform is cross checked against the Pitch22 knowledge base. If the user does not find the answer to his question, he or she may submit a request that goes to a different member of staff at Pitch22.

In both scenarios, the request is given a tracking number and Pitch22 is able to re-assign it to various people based on their expertise. The ticket may then be kept as pending or closed based on the particular scenario. This service gives Pitch22 the ability to capture all the requests in one place, ensuring they are handled timely, hence providing the best possible service.


Thanks to Claudio Camilleri, CEO at Pitch22

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