iMovo Ltd announces strategic partnership with EthicsAnswer to advance AI-driven ESG solutions

Paola, Malta – March 2024 – iMovo Limited, a leading advisory firm specialising in Digital Transformation,  announced a strategic partnership with EthicsAnswer (, a leading provider of an AI powered ESG survey solution aimed at Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) who are charged with managing their organisations adherence to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) which is in force and will roll out across corporate organisations in a gradual manner over the next two years.

This partnership presents Maltese companies with the ability to harness artificial intelligence to support their ESG requirements and the adoption of sustainable business practises and corporate governance.

The partnership agreement between iMovo and EthicsAnswer emphasises their joint commitment to working together in the field of Artificial Intelligence and ESG services. With a shared vision of advancing ethical business practises and utilising technology for the common good, iMovo and EthicsAnswer are working with organisations in the field of ESG across a number of geographies.

EthicsAnswer aims to solve the #1 pain facing Chief Sustainability Officers, namely the time taken, and distraction caused by ESG disclosure requests from customers, investors and increasing regulatory standards. There are many ESG reporting platforms currently proliferating; but the best that ESG professionals can currently hope for is to copy-and-paste answers from one platform to another, and to maintain a set of ‘approved’ answers in a spreadsheet. EthicsAnswer simplifies the ESG disclosure processes with its ground-breaking and user-friendly solution by utilising AI to generate answers based on answers previously provided, with references back to publicly available data and uploaded reports. More than yet another chatbot, users of EthicsAnswer’s platform can download fully completed ESG surveys in minutes resulting in customer, investor or regulatory diligence being a pain-free process.

Pierre Mallia, Managing Director of iMovo, in a statement about the partnership “As an advisory firm in the field of digital transformation, we recognised the growing importance of ESG in the corporate agenda. We have had a three year association with EthicsAnswer and we felt the time was ripe to launch our ESG advisory service line and this partnership to offer the solution to our customers in Malta and abroad. “

Charles Radclyffe, CEO of EthicsAnswer, echoed these sentiments: “We are excited to partner with iMovo to expand the reach of our AI-powered ESG services. By pooling our expertise and resources, we aim to drive positive change in corporate sustainability practises and promote responsible business behaviour.

Under the terms of the partnership, iMovo will act as the exclusive partner for EthicsGrade in Malta, Cyprus, Portugal and Italy, among others, with further expansion plannedin the future.

For more information about iMovo and EthicsAnswer, please visit or respectively.

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