iMovo Launches ‘Socionomix Monitor’ To Help Protect Business Reputation

Organisations nowadays operate in an environment where, whether they like it or not, their customers are online, they are on social media and they are openly talking about their experiences and interactions.

Whereas face-to-face conversations previously only reached people on a one-to-one or one-to-several basis, social media allows people to reach hundreds and often thousands of people with a single post. As a result, it has a far greater reach than word of mouth. As an example, some Maltese communities on Facebook, such as Are You Being Served and The Salott, have between them, more than 39,000 members who engage in discussions, recommendations and complaints about Maltese businesses.

socionomix monitor

Whilst some organisations do monitor what consumers are saying about them online and reply promptly, the majority of businesses do not. This can lead to devastating results. Research conducted by Right Now in fact reports that 50% of consumers give a brand only one week to respond to a question before they stop doing business with them altogether.

iMovo, the leading business intelligence and customer experience management company, has developed a unique tool – Socionomix Monitor – that allows organisations to monitor what is being said about them on social media and to know how their brand is perceived. Organisations receive an immediate alert as soon as any of their brand terms or keywords are mentioned by customers on social media to enable them to reply promptly and handle customer issues before complaints become viral and potentially damaging to one’s business.

This tool goes into such detail as to identify those people who are significantly influencing or leading conversations relating to their brand on social media. It also reports on the general sentiment associated with posts and comments – whether these are positive, negative or neutral.

According to Pierre Mallia, iMovo Managing Director, “For businesses to survive the continuous changes brought by this digital era, one needs to be constantly on the alert for what is being said about their brand or company. That is the reason why Socionomix Monitor was built – we want to help businesses succeed by making it easy for them to listen and reply to what their customers are saying.”

The tool is aimed at anyone who owns or runs a business in Malta and who would like to keep abreast of public views and opinions, as they realise that social media can have a significant impact on their business.

Socionomix Monitor is available as an online subscription, costing less than a coffee per day. More information about Socionomix Monitor as well as a free online demo of the tool can be found on

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