iMovo Ltd launches Process Automation Solution – BizBox

An innovative solution that helps companies rapidly take advantage of their existing technology investment to automate existing manual processes, reduce cost and avoid high employment costs and recruitment.

[Paola] – iMovo, a leading digitalisation and advisory company, today announced the launch of BizBox. Under the BizBox brand the company plans to release a number of products which automate common business processes which are today mostly done manually. The first of the BizBox family to be released is BizBox Accounts Payable, a solution that aims to automate inbound supplier invoice processing with the potential to reduce their annual AP costs by up to 80%.

“With BizBox Accounts Payable, businesses can streamline their inbound invoice processing workflows and significantly reduce the time and resources spent manually processing invoices,” said a company spokesman. “This solution automates the approval process, handles incoming invoices across multiple channels, eliminates manual data entry and stores invoices in a secure location for easy retrieval later. It’s also mobile-ready, so users can work from anywhere.”

BizBox Accounts Payable also reduces invoice processing error margins, protects a company’s cash position and improves supplier relationships by reducing processing times and facilitating timely settlement. By automHi ating the invoice process, companies can focus their valuable human resources on higher value-added activities, reducing the cost per invoice processed.

“Companies that insist on carrying out certain tasks manually face a challenging business environment, where optimising the cost of doing business is key. This coupled with the challenge when it comes to recruiting and retaining personnel, drove us to design and develop an easy to deploy & use solution based on technologies which most companies already have. ” The spokesman continued. “With BizBox, we offer a solution that not only addresses these challenges, but also enables businesses to thrive in today’s economy.”

BizBox Accounts Payable is easy to implement, typically in a matter of days, and requires little training. The solution is available for businesses of all sizes.
For more information about BizBox Accounts Payable and other products in the BizBox family, contact us at

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