iMovo and Microsoft in Joint CRM Seminar

iMovo, a leader in the fields of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Business Intelligence (BI), recently organised a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) seminar, in association with their partners, Microsoft, at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Skyparks, Luqa.

Aimed at executives and business leaders working in financial services, the event addressed how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help professionals in the financial services industry to develop meaningful and enduring relationships with their customers.

event photo

The half-day seminar attracted participants from 17 different financial services companies in Malta and was addressed by senior personnel from Microsoft and iMovo, including Mr Pierre Mallia, iMovo Managing Director and Ines Vlahovic, CRM Sales Lead at Microsoft.

Mr Pierre Mallia opened the seminar through a keynote speech discussing the trends and challenges the industry is currently facing and the importance of moving from an institution-centric to a customer-centric mind-set.

This was followed by Ms Ines Vlahovic, who demonstrated how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help financial services companies differentiate themselves from the competition by providing an outstanding customer experience. The seminar also covered how a methodology could be used to maximise the success of a CRM investment as well as how CRM could be leveraged using business intelligence to gain insights that organisations need to embrace to move to a customer centric model.

Commenting on the event, Mr Pierre Mallia said, “In this challenging economic environment, many financial services companies are finding that price, products, and distribution models are in themselves not sufficient to gain competitive advantage. The aim of today’s event was to help professionals in the industry to think out of the box and to understand how key technologies like CRM can create a competitive edge. This will enable them to better predict their customer’s needs and be in a position to sell where and how the customer likes to buy, whilst subsequently personalising their product and pricing strategy to achieve growth.”

Event materials and presentations are being made available online through the iMovo website. Click here for more information.

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