iMovo Team Go Sailing As Part of Team Building Exercise

All employees working at iMovo, a company specialising in the fields of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Business Intelligence (BI), have recently participated in a team-building exercise that involved sailing around Malta and Gozo.

As part of the exercise, participants were split into two groups, each having a sailing boat and an experienced skipper. All the group members had to trim the sails, helm the boat and perform other boat-handling tasks needed to arrive at the destination.

The objective was to put the team in an unusual setting and focus on the importance of co-ordinated teamwork, not just within the team itself but with individuals, in this case the skippers, from outside the company. “Teamwork has always been one of the pillars of iMovo. Without proper teamwork and communication, iMovo would not be what it is today. The aim of the event was to facilitate better communication, motivate people and develop new knowledge in a completely different setting,” said Daniela Castillo, one of the event organisers.

iMovo Press Release

Miriana Micallef, one of the newest team members added, “It was indeed a great experience. As a new member of iMovo, this was exactly what I needed to break the ice with my colleagues and get to know them on a personal level. After the sailing trip, we were much closer as a team and we are all looking forward to another team activity.”

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