How Investing in Customer Experience Can Help You Deliver Impactful Customer Service? 

Experience is everything. When you give your customers a great experience, it makes them feel appreciated. It increases brand loyalty and better word of mouth. Customers are also likely to buy more with a positive customer experience. Did you know 32% of customers would not hesitate to leave their favourite brand after just one poor customer experience? 86% of customers are even willing to pay more if you deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

What is customer experience? Why must you invest in it? How does it help you deliver outstanding customer service? 

What is customer experience?

Customer experience encompasses all the interactions and engagement a customer has with your brand throughout their customer journey, from their very first contact to becoming a loyal customer. You can also think of it as the impression a customer has of your brand throughout various touchpoints in their customer journey. 

Customer experience is created by two main touchpoints- product and people. Do you like the product? Are you blown away by its performance? Were you happy with the customer service rep? Were they able to solve your problem? These are some of the factors that could have a significant impact on a great customer experience. 

Why must you invest in customer experience?

The Internet and e-commerce have given modern customers thousands of options to choose from. They can easily find information online that can help them make an informed decision when buying something. Your products or services alone are no longer sufficient to create brand awareness or gain a competitive edge. What sets you apart is the experience that you deliver which makes customers want to continue to do business with you. 

An outstanding customer experience is crucial for the sustained growth of a business. It also promotes brand loyalty, and customer retention, and turns your customers into your brand advocates. 64% of customers prioritise customer experience over price. 73% consider customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. 

Businesses that focus on improving customer experience witness up to an 80% increase in revenue. All these statistics clearly indicate why it is important for businesses to invest in customer experience. 

How do you deliver an outstanding customer experience? 

Customers today interact with businesses in more ways than ever before. A customer could see your ad, visit your website, read online reviews, and browse your products, creating an impression about your brand without even speaking to a single human. It makes it all the more important to deliver an amazing customer experience at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey. 

Companies that deliver an outstanding customer experience have empowered employees. Happier and more effective employees will help you achieve exceptional customer service, which is one of the ingredients a company needs to deliver a great customer experience. Empowering your employees to take certain decisions, without having to involve their supervisor, could easily improve efficiency and customer experience. Gather feedback from your employees to understand what’s preventing them from delivering a great customer experience. Use those insights to review your systems, processes, and procedures, and make changes wherever necessary. 

When you work on delivering an outstanding customer experience, you automatically improve your customer service as well. Customer service is the backbone of a great customer experience. You should aim to deliver what you promise and surprise your customers with extra care and support. When a customer is totally satisfied, they give you 2.6 times more revenue than a somewhat satisfied customer. A happy and satisfied customer gives you 14 times more revenue than a dissatisfied customer. By investing in great customer service for your business, you also facilitate customer retention. Retained customers are more likely to spread positive word of mouth or become brand ambassadors. 

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