Chat support is the future of customer service and marketing 

For a business to succeed in this day and age, there are some things that are necessary. Effective marketing is one of them, and this depends on top notch customer service. After all, a major aspect of converting a lead is the readiness with which businesses can answer queries or provide information. 

This is exactly why live chat support is growing to become a popular tool for businesses. According to statistics from Invespcro, 73% of customers found chat support to be useful while 63% stated that they would do repeat business with a brand that offered this feature. 

Thus live chat support is the future of customer service and marketing. Here are more reasons why this is truer than ever. 

Customers find iconvenient 

When surveyed, 42% of customers stated that they found live chat support to be an excellent way of providing personal information. In other words, live chat support is an effective tool if you’re looking to convert your leads into customers. In fact, it scores higher than other lead generation tools. 

Around 44% of surveyed customers stated that having chat support to guide them in the middle of a transaction or purchase was an important feature that they looked for. 

It’s cost-effective 

Time and again, studies have shown that live chat support can save money and time for the business. For instance, it allows customer service employees to function with ease by reducing the complexity of their tasks. For example, dealing with multiple customers using traditional customer service tools is almost impossible. 

However, chatting with multiple customers is more than manageable. Live chat support interfaces are designed to aid multitasking. 

For the business, it can reduce the money spent on phone bills drastically. In fact, the overall costs come down because the average interaction costs decrease as well. 

Better sales 

Around 77% of surveyed customers stated that they wouldn’t make a purchase if there was no live chat support. It was also found that those who use chat support services were 60% more likely to purchase a product than those who did not use such a service. 

Around 38% of customers attributed their purchases, at some point in time, to a positive live chat experience. 

Finally, the addition of live chat support to a website boosts the likelihood of conversion to almost 20% and chatters were almost 3 times more likely to complete a purchase. 

So, as you can see, the ability to gather information in real-time through live chat support can greatly contribute to your brand’s marketing RIO.  

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