Qlik Sense June 2018 Release is here

The much-anticipated Qlik Sense June 2018 Release is here and it is packed with many great new features!

To begin with, Insight Advisor is the newest and very exciting advancement in Augmented Intelligence (AI). Insight Advisor auto-generates and suggests the best analytics and insights for users to consider, and further explore. This release also includes impressive new features around accelerated self-service to help users get much faster insights.

Qlik’s cognitive engine now powers alternative chart suggestions, which allows users to easily evaluate and choose different chart options. Qlik is also continuously developing new visualizations and enhanced mapping capabilities. Another introduction is the accessibility feature – making analytics available for ALL people. Not to be overlooked, starting with this release, Qlik is building their capabilities around advanced authoring which enables their users to build more sophisticated dashboards and apps. This is only the beginning!

Qlik is committed to improving collaboration across organizations with the use of the Qlik Sense platform. The June 2018 release supports this effort in a variety of ways…such as the new “My Work” section within the hub. In addition, users can now publish and republish apps to streams from the hub, eliminating the need to browse the QMC, while simplifying the app lifecycle workflow.

Last and quite possibly the biggest part of the June 2018 release is the launch of our Multi-Cloud offering! Qlik’s Multi-Cloud analytics solutions allow Qlik users to successfully and seamlessly adopt cloud analytics using the Sense platform.

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