QlikView.Next to be available in 2014

Qlik have just announced the company’s strategic roadmap to once again disrupt the BI industry with its next-generation platform to enable better decision making.

QlikView.Next is designed to expand on Qlik’s focus of filling the gap between visualization or dashboard solutions and complex BI platforms tied to report-centric ways of doing business.

Fundamental to making next-generation BI accessible and useful for a broad range of users is QlikView’s Natural Analytics™ approach, which taps into the natural human ability to process complex information. It supports the way human curiosity naturally searches, filters, questions, and finds associations in data to find meaning in information – more easily revealing insights and enabling decisions in the process.

Natural Analytics Taps into Human Instinct for Processing Information

QlikView.Next’s key value as an alternative BI platform is in its use of Natural Analytics which places data into the natural flow of how people think as they make decisions. Natural Analytics enables anyone to explore complex data, making and sharing discoveries using natural human abilities. It enables people to:

  • Discover through Association & Comparison
  • Decide through Collaboration & Data Dialogs™
  • Do through Persuasion & Action

QlikView.Next Features

Some features actually unveiled in generic terms:

  • Unified, Browser-Based HTML5 Client, which will automatically optimize itself for user’ device;
  • Automatic and Intelligent re-sizing of objects to fit user’s screen;
    Server-side Analysis and Development, Web-based creation and delivery of content, Browser-based Development;
  • Data Storytelling, narrative and social with Data Dialogs;
  • Library and Repository for UI objects;
  • Multi-source Data Integration and new web-based scripting;
    QlikView Expressor for advanced graphical Data Integration and Metadata Management;
  • Improved Data Discovery with associative experience across all the data, both in memory and on disks;
  • Open API: JSON, .NET SDK and as JavaScript API;
  • All UI Objects can be treated as extension Objects, customizable with their source files available to developers;
  • New Management Console with Qlikview on Qlikview Monitor;
  • New visualization capabilities, based on advanced data visualization suite from NComVA (bought by Qlik a few months ago), potential samples see here.

QlikTech QlikView.Next New Visualisations

Qlik Customer Success Framework

In addition Qlik is launching the “Qlik Customer Success Framework”, which includes:

  • Qonnect Partner Program: An extensive global network of 1500+ partners, including resellers, (OEMs), technology companies, and system integrators.
  • Qlik Community: An online community with nearly 100,000 members comprised of customers, partners, developers and enthusiasts.
  • Qlik Market: An online showcase of applications, extensions and connectors.
  • Qoncierge: A single point of contact service offering for customers to help them access the resources they need.
  • Comprehensive Services: A wide range of consulting services, training and support.

Qlik Customer Success Framework

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