RPA at work – the revolution for business processes

Robotic process automation has been revolutionizing the organizational space for the past year or two. Forecasts predict that the RPA market will grow to $12 billion by 2023. According to Deloitte’s third annual RPA survey, 53% of respondents have been using robots for process automation in the past year. A survey by Gartner says that 72% of organizations will be using RPA to some degree. 

All of these statistics prove that there’s something about RPA that companies find really helpful. But what does RPA do at work?


How can RPA help your business? Let’s take a look. RPA at work - The revolution in business processes

RPA can preserve data integrity  

Robotic process automation can help companies collate and validate data from various sources. In fact, RPA leverages IoT (internet of things) to collect data securely from across various systems. 

With RPA, you can put in place big data collection and big data analytics systems that ensure data is collected in real-time. Your RPA can be programmed to proof and store the data in a specific format in a particular place. You can even use RPA to facilitate seamless cross-functional data sharing. This way your data sources won’t get contaminated and you will have reliable insights. 

RPA prevents time wastage and helps meet deadlines 

RPA can complete tasks up to 5 times faster than humans. With the relevant upgrades and integrations, you can make sure that your processes occur quickly, without wasting any more time. So, you’ll be better placed to meet deadlines on time. In fact, since you don’t lose time as often as before, you’ll have plenty of space to work on new projects and plan for the company’s future. 

RPA will deliver quality alongside quantity  

Quantity is of course assured when you use RPA for more tangible activities like production or leads capturing. But, apart from quantity, your new RPA technology will ensure that your work is of premium quality. 

Your robots can be programmed to meet specific quality and performance standards. So, you can pre-choose the quality you want and have a consistent quality output. This will reduce the need for your work to be checked and limit the number of errors to be reworked.  

RPA will create new jobs  

Many employees wrongly believe that automation and robotics will bring human jobs to an end. But this isn’t true. When new, cutting-edge technology like RPA is developed, we need people to supervise the technology, identify any problems and come up with creative solutions. 

Although RPA has become very smart these days thank to AI & ML, it cannot replace the contribution of a real person. What the RPA does in reality, is change the type of job roles that need to be filled. Employees and prospective hires need only to upgrade their skills to be eligible for the job. 

RPA will empower employees to focus on higher-order work 

Just imagine. You’ve been given the task of copy-pasting 100,000 rows of data onto a cloud file. You do this every day and it takes up your entire workday. It can be such a boring and monotonous job. 

Many employees tend to feel underutilized when they are given such repetitive tasks. They lose interest at work. Not using their creativity and critical thinking results in those skills rusting. Over time, they may feel disgruntled by the work and quit. According to studies, it costs about 33% of an employee’s annual pay to hire a new candidate. If too many people quit (and considering the salary of each individual), your expenses for re-hiring will be exponential. 

RPA can prevent all of this from happening. Depending on the type of RPA set-up you choose, your costs can start as low a $5000. The automating robots can be programmed to do such repetitive jobs so you are free to engage in planning, decision making, communication and corporate governance. 

RPA increases workplace safety and reduces accidents  

Robots don’t suffer from boredom, sleepiness tiredness, irritability or clouded judgement like people do. This makes RPA the best choice for dangerous and complicated tasks. Not only will the RPA discharge the tasks free of errors, but it will prevent any on-site accidents that can jeopardize employee safety. Your company also will be less-likely to be liable to pay any legal damages to injured employees when you use RPA. 

RPA offers support and backup during contingencies  

RPA technology can be designed to have a robust data backup facility. So, if you do face any issues such as hacking or natural disasters or power outages, you can trust that your data will remain secure and safe. 


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