Signs that it’s time to get a CRM Software for your business in 2020

CRM or customer relationship management aims to make customers happy because, after all, happy customers translate into better business. Satisfied customers are willing to buy more products and services and develop brand loyalty. A personalised approach is crucial to retain happy customers, and with the scale at which businesses operate, this can be difficult.

A CRM software system can help your business by storing and managing prospect data and helping in the management of contacts and leads. The data can be utilized to run targeted marketing and advertising campaigns, including the management of social media platforms from a single dashboard. Automation of tasks and generation of data-based reports can offer insights into market trends and customer behaviour, helping to make strategic business decisions. Here are some signs that your business needs CRM software to kick-start 2020.

You cannot keep up with the lead flow from manually entered data

Despite getting new leads, you find it challenging to meet customer needs, and manual input of customer data makes it impossible for your business to scale. Selecting CRM software will help to quickly locate customer data like buying habits, preference for communication, demographics, and derive insights from customer data to raise the efficiency of business operations. Centrally stored data is also available more readily in the long-term.

Your business lacks sound inter-departmental communication

Since customer service is a combined effort, different departments within the organization must be aware of habits and customer attitudes towards the company. CRM software communicates the information collected to various departments so that everyone has an understanding of it. It also helps to track the performance of sales teams and provides information on resource reallocation for business benefit.

Your customers are unhappy

Customers want quick, efficient service, and if your business cannot offer them excellent customer service, they won’t hesitate to find a business that will. A drop in sales indicates that your customers are unhappy. CRM software ensures speedy handling of customer queries and also offers tailor-made solutions on the basis of details stored of each customer to improve customer service. Historical communication can also be analysed to track relationships with customers over time and provide more personalized service. Queries can also be directed to specific agents/teams, and in this way, your business can retain customers and keep them happy.

You’re finding it difficult to scale your business

If business development is an area that you’re struggling with despite your best efforts, it’s worth investing in CRM software to generate insights from customer behaviour and market trends that will help you to refocus your priorities and make effective business decisions.

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