Social Media for Business – 5 Tips to Make it Work

social mediaNowadays, social media has become one of the most powerful tools used to advertise a business.

Almost every business has a Facebook page. It is a known fact that this media targets different people and hence a business has a bigger opportunity to attract new customers.

Many may ask what is best to post and how is it best to handle a page so that one can reach different people? Although this may be interpreted in various ways, here are 5 tips that apply universally:

1. Target the right people

First of all one should keep in mind what type of audience the business currently attracts and would like to attract in future.

A general rule is to keep in touch with one’s current customers on social media channels on a very regular basis (at least one should aim for once a week), and engage them with content and material that they will deem useful. Current customers have the power to spread a good word about the business which helps to attract potential customers. One should also try to attain new customers by targeting what potential customers need or desire. Be confident and make people feel more comfortable when contacted.

2. Keep the conversation flowing

Always continue a conversation. If someone asks a question, one should always respond and be sure that the customer at the other end has understood and does not need to ask any more questions. Likewise always show gratitude to compliments and respond politely to any complaints. If you promise to look into an issue for someone who has posted a complaint online, do fulfil the promise because you will be running the risk of the issue escalating if the person complaining never receives a reply.

3. Multimedia is key

Post videos, photos and music so that people get to know the company better. Take photos and videos during business events and post them on social media channels, to let customers know what the business is up to and show a more personal side of the company. Multimedia is better than words; people are more interested to see than to read and just imagine what an event was like.

4. Give room for privacy

Respect people’s confidentiality. Always give the option to be contacted privately by email. If someone starts a conversation publicly and one sees that it is better to take it in a more private way, there is no shame to ask the customer to do so.

5. Stay up-to-date

Social media is all about staying current. Even if one posts small things or a reminder on any offers, it is good to remind people that the business is still out there.

Although keeping up a page requires time and effort, it will be worth it and start to pay off in time. It’s a free marketing opportunity that no business should miss out on.


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