Tableau once again a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the sixth time in a row!

Tableau has once again hit a home run with a sixth inclusion in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence, and it is really not surprising why. Tableau’s core focus, and their mission, is to help people see and understand their data. Their software helps many organisations become data-driven and these companies can most certainly attest to the success it has helped bring;

“Tableau was one of the most successful initiatives we have undertaken in recent years”

— Director of Information Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

“Tableau – the best data visualisation BI tool on the market.”

— Financial Analyst in the Manufacturing Industry

“Great tool! It can connect to everything and make analysis easy for the whole company!”

— Finance & S&OP Manager in the Manufacturing Industry

Source: Gartner Peer Insights


Tableau is the most peer-reviewed vendor in Gartner’s Peer Insights, more than doubling the number of reviews of other vendors in the space. The reason for this is very simple, Tableau has a core focus of which its customers are at the root of.

There are a number of key features which are pioneered by Tableau of which Gartner calls it part of the Gartner Gold Standard;

Visual Exploration

When it comes to connecting to data, you cannot overlook the vast number of connectors natively available within Tableau. Couple this, with the ability to connect Live or retrieve as an in-memory extract using Hyper, the fastest data engine around, and you are sure to have a winner.

Customer Experience

Its ease of use is completely undeniable. Tableau offers an easy to understand and well thought out interface which allows any user to cross that bridge into data-driven analytics. Scored up against the others on the MQ, Tableau scored best for user enablement, ethics and culture.


Choose your deployment, whether you go for on-premises, public or fully cloud managed deployment, the option is completely yours. Tableau makes deployments work on your schedule. Desktop clients are available for both Windows and Mac, and on-premises Tableau server is available for both Windows and Linux. How is that for supporting your data strategy!


The Tableau Community can only be described as both passionate and dedicated. Tableau Public is a collection of more than 300,000 users posting over 7,000 new visualisations every week! Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, have trouble with a feature, or simply want to show off your dashboards, the Tableau community is welcoming to your data visualisation needs. With such a dedicated community, and Tableau’s community at the centre of its mission, it is no surprise that the community continues to inspire Tableau and shape its product roadmap!

It is no surprise with these key features, that Tableau is the most reviewed and highest rated analytics platform on Gartner Peer Insights. Get in touch and sign up today for a free 14-day trial and see for yourself why industry leaders choose Tableau for their Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics needs!

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