Successful Joint Bid by University of Malta and iMovo

The University of Malta and iMovo Limited, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI)company, have recently been awarded a research & innovation grant by the Malta Council of Science & Technology (MCST). The theme of the project is ‘Digital Gaming Clouds for Mobile Users.’

The award followed a detailed evaluation of a number of bids competing for the R&I funding made available by the MCST. Led by Dr Ing. Saviour Zammit, project co-ordinator, and Dr Ing. Adrian Muscat, project technical co-ordinator, the team is tasked with putting together a platform that will enable well known PC games to be available to mobile users on smartphones.

The project has attracted interest from Vodafone UK which has offered to provide technology support including access to a node on its prototype 4G network in Europe.

‘This successful award reflects the excellent relationship and interaction that has developed between the University and iMovo over the past several months, almost since iMovo’s inception. This collaboration is a natural step for us as a company and is in line with our vision. We believe the potential of bringing the creativity of a university alongside the dynamics of a young energetic company to be the formation of a great melting pot for ideas from which innovation can spring. We also believe that both parties have a lot to learn from each other – both in terms of technical expertise and research techniques as well as commercialisation of concepts which might be new to the market,’ said Pierre Mallia, Managing Director of iMovo.

Professor Juanito Camilleri, the Rector of the University of Malta, reiterated the University’s commitment to collaborate with and support innovative start-up ventures in various spheres of technology. He stated that the MCST R&I Grant Programme has over the years seen a number of local companies partnering with the University on very interesting joint research projects, all of which have a practical or commercial slant. ‘I am delighted to see this collaboration between the University and iMovo take off. Given iMovo’s focus and approach we are confident that this collaboration will be very successful for both organisations.’ the Rector said.

University of Malta & iMovo Joint Research Bid
From Left the Rector Prof Juanito Camilleri Mr Pierre Mallia Managing Director iMovo, Dr Ing. Saviour Zammit and Dr Ing. Adrian Muscat

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