What to watch out for before running a Multilingual Help Desk

You are ready: you have all the content ready in your language, you learnt how to create dynamic content* in Zendesk, and you are looking forward to using your first placeholder – regardless of the language your customers speak.  But before you dive in, let’s make sure you don’t make any of these common mistakes.

First, before you create new Dynamic Content, make sure that it’s not already there. Having duplicate Dynamic Content can be overwhelming. In fact, if you add a new language you will not only need more time to translate all the content, but the more you have, the more difficult it will become to find the correct one when you need it. The best way to proceed in this regard is to adopt a rigid naming convention for your Dynamic Content and share a document that includes all the available content with your admins.

Secondly, remember that localising and translating are not the same thing. Have your content translated by someone who knows your business well. Are your processes the same in all the countries you work in? Is the legislation the same? Do you accept the same payment methods? Do you offer the same delivery price?

Lastly, remember even if a client is writing to you in Spanish, it doesn’t mean he is in Spain. Zendesk’s Dynamic Content might not be able to handle the scenario where your business operates differently among the Spanish speaking countries. In this case, it’s better to ask your customer where they are writing to you from, instead of giving them the wrong information.

If you have any concern about running a multilingual help desk or would like to learn more about the Zendesk product family, contact us today! Our team of experts can help you localize your customer support platform in no time.

*Dynamic Content for Shortcuts app lets you create a single shortcut in your default language and then translate it into all the languages you support. When you select a default shortcut, the app automatically detects the language the customer is using and displays the shortcut in the appropriate language.

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