Are 12 Views enough? Well, if they are not, your Zendesk isn’t set up correctly

Views are the primary way of managing tickets in Zendesk. Tickets are displayed in a view according to the agent’s ticket privileges, so agents only see the ticket that they are permitted to reply to.

Since different views can be set available for different agents, 12 views should always suffice. The agent’s job is to answer tickets, but you cannot do that efficiently if you need to search for the ticket you need to serve in 10 different views.

Each of your agents should have their views in more or less this order.

1: Assigned tickets: your tickets, new, open or on hold, sorted per status and priority.

2: Tickets assigned to your group: these are tickets that you can serve, but are not assigned to you.

3-4: Unassigned tickets: here you can see if you can take on some extra work! In a multi-language Zendesk instance, if possible, you’ll want to see tickets in the language you can serve. To do so, we will use groups and triggers, and create an ‘Unassigned tickets – LanguageX’ per language view. Each agent will have only a few of those.

5: On-Hold tickets: Where is the ticket that you put on hold? Oh, there it is.

6: Pending tickets: Tickets in this view don’t necessarily need to be worked on at the moment, but you might need to take a look at them anyway.

7: Solved tickets: Here’s where you’ll want to look to see the great job you did so far!

What else do you need? This is what you may need to ask yourself. Since you have some more slots left, you can have a few views for a particular category of tickets that come in copious amounts, so that they won’t distract you while you are working on the other views. Of course, here you will have the tickets divided per status, so that you can see the one you have to work on first.

That’s it! So again, if 12 views aren’t enough for you, then you might not be using groups, and therefore Zendesk, correctly!

If you need more information about managing your Zendesk tickets or expert advice on setting up Zendesk, our technical team can help! Contact us for more information about our support packages.


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