What is a Zendesk App, and why do you need it? 

If you have been using Zendesk for some time, you surely have heard that Zendesk can be “integrated” with other pieces of software your company is already using. Let’s see together what this means, why it is so useful and why it is pushed by Zendesk marketing campaigns. 

A Zendesk Integration can give your agents different and new abilities inside the already powerful interface they are comfortable with:

  1.    View data stored in another piece of software your company uses (for example your CRM or a database) 
  2.    Insert, update or delete that data 
  3.    Call functionality that your other software offer. 

For example, if you have a customers’ database or a CRM, and one of your saved customers opens a ticket in your Zendesk, an Integration App can show your agents all the information about that person – info that is probably useful to reply to the request in a more accurate and personal way. Moreover, from Zendesk you may even be able to update details of this customer. Everybody changes email address occasionally or gets a new phone number: with an Integration App, you can update your CRM or database with a few clicks, without leaving the ticket page. 

Without an Integration App, your agents must leave the Zendesk page, open the interface of your CRM or database, search for the contact manually, look for the data they need, and then reply. Thus, having an Integration allows your agents to save plenty of time and avoid human errors while searching for the right contact. 

Another scenario is if your company sells items online and keeps track of the orders in a CRM. With an Integration, you can see all the orders saved for a certain customer that dropped you an email. This way, your agents can quickly understand which order the customer is referring to and have all the information about that order available on the right side of the ticket.  

If your company is an Online Casino, and a customer sends you the code to claim a bonus, whatever it is, you can have an Integration App that takes that code and tells your server to do all that is needed to do (check if the code is valid, check if the customer is eligible to receive the bonus, give the bonus, register the code as used). All this can be done without leaving the Zendesk tab of your Browser. 

Now that you are familiar with how powerful and time-saving an Integration can be for your agents, you are one step further in your usage of Zendesk. If you want to know more about Zendesk Integration Apps and how useful the can be for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us!   


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