3 AI Trends To Watch for In 2020

Artificial intelligence holds immense promise in almost every major field, including healthcare, manufacturing, education, and finance. Right from helping us read emails to getting driving directions, AI is already assisting in every area of our lives and is still evolving.

Currently, several projects that focus on exploring AI possibilities are underway. Scientists are working round the clock to figure out unique ways to leverage AI. Eventually, the efforts of scientists will bear fruit, and AI will go mainstream. When this happens, businesses around the world will jump on the AI bandwagon – however, you shouldn’t wait till then.

To leverage AI, adopt a proactive approach and devise a strategy today rather than waiting for things to happen. Because AI is continuously evolving, the trends that are making a splash today can fall out of favour tomorrow. To get your business AI-ready, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends. With that thought in mind, here are a few AI trends to watch for in 2020.

AI to drive real-time customer interactions

In 2020, most marketing activities will be driven by AI. Businesses will leverage AI to manage real-time customer interactions across channels. AI in marketing will help enterprises to improve customer response time.

Digital marketers will use AI to get critical data related to consumer buying patterns. Companies will use this information to devise strategies that focus on helping them improve their outreach on various social media sites.

The rise of AI assistants

While many businesses around the world are already using AI assistants, others are preparing to jump on the bandwagon, which makes sense. After all, AI assistants are more efficient than their human counterparts, don’t get tired, and don’t ask for a raise.

In 2020, most searches will be conducted through voice. Voice assistants of the future will be able to engage in longer dialogues. It is also expected that the capability of virtual assistants to participate in multi-turn conversations will drastically improve in 2020.

AI will change the customer retention game

AI can help generate critical data that can be used to devise customer retention strategies. AI-powered solutions will help businesses engage their customers in every stage of their life cycle.

Intelligent AI-powered tools of the future will be capable of analyzing multiple user signals to return personalized listings. Furthermore, advanced AI tools will help marketers unearth deep learning insights. And with critical data at their fingertips, they will be able to come up with more effective campaigns.

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