5 Ways AI Can transform your CRM software

Customer relations are one area you cannot neglect if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors. Undoubtedly, customer loyalty and goodwill are indispensable assets for any business.

Like most firms today, you may be using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software too. But if you intend to keep up with recent trends, you must be aware that AI has made its way into CRM as well. A CRM software is definitely a necessity for every company today, but a CRM software powered by artificial intelligence is what businesses are now putting their money on.

How has AI changed CRM?

Like in all other business processes, AI is making customer relationship management much faster and more efficient. Let us have a look at how AI has changed basic CRM software.

Automation – AI is largely being used to automate repetitive and monotonous tasks in many areas of business. In CRM too, AI now automates routine processes, such as data entry or retrieval, gathering client information from various platforms, and other similar tasks. This will free businesses of the effort required to enter data into the system manually, and this time can go into fruitful interactions with customers.

AI as Virtual Assistants – Integrating AI into your CRM software can enable the software to act as a virtual assistant for your customer service executives. The virtual assistant can take care of tasks like responding to common customer queries, reading and replying to emails, suggesting products or services, or studying customer behaviour. A virtual assistant can give a sales representative quick access to data, customer history, company policies, or inventory, making them more productive and efficient.

Creating a personalised customer experience – AI can gather information on customer search patterns and clusters to create a more customised sales profile. An AI-powered CRM software can track millions of transactions daily and suggest relevant offers and products targeted at individual customers. This can also give the sales team valuable insights on customers’ preferences and allow them to send more focused messages and emails to buyers at the right time.

Improved categorisation and prioritisation of leads – The algorithms on an AI-fueled CRM software will be able to categorise leads or customers better depending on age, gender, geographical location, buying patterns, and so on. This categorisation, combined with the knowledge of a customer’s purchase history or web behaviour, will allow sales teams to prioritise their leads and take actions accordingly.

Customer retention – As your sales team can personalise their interactions with customers thanks to the insights provided by the AI system, customer satisfaction is bound to improve. The AI system can even give you timely alerts when you need to follow up or reply to customers. Improved customer satisfaction, on the other hand, means better customer retention for your business.

A CRM system that is ahead of the game and has a built-in AI automation is Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Einstein is a smart CRM AI assistant that helps you make decisions faster, make your employees more productive and thus make customers happier. If you would like to learn more about Salesforce and Einstein contact us now. As certified Salesforce partners, we can help you implement and integrate the world’s #1 cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

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