Artificial Intelligence – From Server to Table

Customer support is one of the primary principles of modern-day business. Not only do customers love a good product, but they also love a team that can help them in case the product doesn’t work. In just a few years, customer assistance, technical support, and a few other elements formed the famous post-product support strategy.

Now that many companies have adopted this strategy, how do you make the entire process more effortless? How do you outperform the expectations and get an edge over your competitors?

Well, the answers may be lying with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is playing a crucial role in changing the world as we see it. Many top-tier companies are already experimenting with using AI to provide more helpful solutions to customers.

The WHY for AI

Customer support seems like such a simple job, right? Wrong! It is one of the most complicated tasks. Understanding every customer’s need is challenging, but as the customer base keeps increasing, it becomes almost impossible. In other words, there is too much to understand and not enough time.

Why does a customized experience matter?  Well, first of all because it works wonders for positive word-of-mouth and secondly because it is still one of the best marketing strategies since ancient times.

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. Usually, each customer support agent will have some experience dealing with specific kinds of customers. However, on a large scale, most of the responses from the employees seem generalized. Even though some customers may have the same issue, they may want that issue solved differently.

One golden rule when it comes to the customer experience is to improve the experience and make every customer feel unique. However, this is a task as complex as the twelve labours of Heracles.

Well, it’s a good thing that we have Artificial Intelligence. AI can customize the experience for every customer. It will give the customers the assistance they need and deserve. Thanks to AI, you not only have a powerful customer and employee support set of solutions in your hands but an added marketing tool as well.

Speaking of marketing…

You can analyse a customer’s interactions on the web, create a custom marketing strategy and bring a sizeable increase in profits. Combining Artificial Intelligence with other hot technologies such as big data and analytics can make much more desirable customer profiles so that you can assist them better.

Impacting customers and employees, positively

Artificial Intelligence understands the needs of every single customer: a job that otherwise would take countless hours. With Artificial Intelligence, you don’t even have to work on finding the patterns and understanding what the data means from the numbers. AI will provide enough tools to get this done.

A recent report from IBM suggests that most executives believe AI can be a disruptive force in the industry. Moreover, when we are talking about AI, we usually mean AI as a standalone technology. However, in theory, when combined with other rising technologies, AI will inevitably bring a change in how things operate now.AI will not only help the customers but the employees as well. It has the potential to take the load off every customer agent and, as a result, every employer.

Which brings me to our partnership with Cleverly and how they seem to be quite ahead of their time. Cleverly has numerous features and powerful integrations that can help you amp up your support systems and make it much more effective, giving you the competitive edge that you need

The bottom line

Artificial Intelligence is one of the leading technologies of our time. We’ve seen how technologies like this impacted the market before. It would be ideal to adopt AI-based customer assistance and technical support software to stay ahead of the competition.

Matheus Baeta is a Business Development Manager at iMovo Limited and can be contacted on 

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