Zendesk: More than Meets the Eye. Unlocking Hidden Features with a Review

Zendesk: More than Meets the Eye. Unlocking Hidden Features with a Review

Laying the Groundwork – is your Zendesk being used to its maximum potential? To the uninitiated, Zendesk might be just another customer support tool. But those in the know recognize its vast capabilities. Yet, like any intricate software, Zendesk requires regular checkups to ensure optimal performance. Over time, without routine system reviews, businesses risk not […]

Implementing a successful Digital Transformation Strategy Playbook

Implementing a successful Digital Transformation Strategy Playbook

With technology disruptions becoming more rampant than ever, digital transformation is changing the way companies operate. Whether it is better data collection or improved customer experience, businesses have realised the importance and benefits of digital transformation. Growth opportunities and competitive pressure are some crucial drivers of digital transformation. Data breach scandals making the headlines regularly and new regulations such as the GDPR are also providing the necessary impetus for businesses to digitally transform. 

It’s Valentine’s Day, does your customer love you?

We’ve all been there, you’re shopping online for a thoughtful gift to your significant other, sometimes at the last minute, which by the way, I’m not condoning. The whole experience can be a bit stressful, especially if you have questions about the engraving on that watch, how much noise that mechanical keyboard makes, or if […]

RPA – Why Process Automation can Transform Your Business?!

One of the most exciting developments of the past decade has been the advancements in artificial intelligence and automation more generally.  More and more routine tasks and processes are becoming candidates to hand over to machines, freeing us up to work on higher-value things. The most accessible and approachable form of this is something called […]

Portugal commits to Digital Transformation and opens opportunities

Digital transformation is a key driver of the transition from the industrial era to an era of connected and intelligent products. It has emerged as a phenomenon that contributes to this transition, causing a great impact on organizations and society in Portugal.  The Public Administration Digital Transformation Strategy up to 2020 summarizes the Government vision […]

Blood, Sweat and Data – How data science has transformed the Olympic games

The Olympic games have always been a showcase for technology. Every four years, we can expect to see improvements in computing power, and innovations like cloud storage, Big Data, and Computer Vision, make their way into these events. The Rio Olympics were no different. With an IT budget of $1.5 billion that includes all game […]

Data Science: Building Better Businesses

Data Science is a new field that has emerged in the last decade. Data Scientists use data to drive decisions and create better businesses. Data scientists are still relatively new, but they have already become an integral part of many companies’ operations – transforming how we do business today and paving the way for even […]

Top 5 digital transformation trends for success in 2021 and beyond

Technology is rapidly changing and transforming the way we live and work today. To thrive in today’s work environment, companies and businesses should consider replacing traditional technology with more robust digital tools to help maintain efficiency and productivity. Moreover, this would help them stay ahead of the competition and relevant to existing customers while gaining […]

Jackpot! Lessons for the iGaming Industry

It is increasingly difficult for companies to stand out. In the iGaming world where the next gaming option is just a click or a download away, exceptional customer service is key in retaining customers and ensuring their loyalty.

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