Portugal commits to Digital Transformation and opens opportunities

Digital transformation is a key driver of the transition from the industrial era to an era of connected and intelligent products. It has emerged as a phenomenon that contributes to this transition, causing a great impact on organizations and society in Portugal. 

The Public Administration Digital Transformation Strategy up to 2020 summarizes the Government vision for the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Public Administration, including initiatives common to all sectors of State Administration and specific initiatives for each sector. Which ranges from Digital Inclusion to incentives to the digitalization of the private sector. 


The plan is an ambitious list of over 57 essential measures to the country’s development strategy, which includes 12 priorities such as: 

  • e-Residency Program

This measure is contemplated in the Simplex 2019 Program and intends to create a digital identity concept using the Digital Mobile Key, allowing citizens, nationals, or foreigners not resident in the country, to use Portuguese public services in its online version. 

  • Digitization of the 25 most used public services by citizens and companies

This measure aims to ensure simplification and online access to the 25 most used administrative services and ensure that all citizens have access to digital public services. 

  • Increase in the offer and translation of digital services of interest to the internationalization of the ePortugal portal 

The Government intends to ensure that the services provided on the ePortugal portal have multi-language capabilities and information content and electronic forms translated into languages other than Portuguese, ideally always by default into English. 

  • Cloud Strategy for Public Administration  

This measure aims to create a strategic framework for the integration of Public Administration in the cloud. 

The Public Administration Digital Transformation Strategy and its follow-up action plan, Portugal Digital launched in March 2020, seek profound transformations within the public administration. The vision is to provide better public services through digital modernization that stimulates growth for all citizens of the country.  

Turning these changes into reality require an accelerated transformation engine called ICT 2020 or the Public Administration Digital Transformation Strategy with the goal of “accelerating” the nation’s progress by making it more than just economic but also social. If you would like to check the ICT 2020 please follow this link. 

But Digital Transformation is not limited only to digitalization; it also includes changes in management models, organizational structures, or production methods. 


Portuguese companies are thriving in the digital age 


The Portuguese companies responded well to the challenge. Along with people, another important indicator of evolution is the presence of companies on the Internet, which rose from just 40% in 2019 to 60%. 

The growth of digital among companies is also seen in the .pt domain. Which proved to be the domain preferred by the Portuguese to register their websites during this period. In March and April, the growth in the number of new domains, compared to last year, was around 80%. 

There is a growing need to prioritize investments that support future transformation, focusing primarily on the workforce, security, and IT. Companies should start as soon as possible to promote their internal digital skills and talents through employee training. 

Digital maturity is crucial to have a competitive and profitable future. Although many companies are not aware of any Digital financing program, governments at the national and European level make it their priority for there to be an environment that supports these types of programs for businesses can take advantage of them. In Medium and Large Portuguese companies there are several structural digital gaps, which distance them from the European standard, such as Industry 4.0, Agile Methodologies, Digital Marketing and Data Governance. 

The bottom line is, Portugal should benefit immensely by taking the steps to accelerate its Digital Transformation agenda and integrating digital technologies into everyday life from the public to the private sector, but most importantly by educating professionals and creating a positive culture of adopting digitalization in the corporate space. 

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