It’s Valentine’s Day, does your customer love you?

We’ve all been there, you’re shopping online for a thoughtful gift to your significant other, sometimes at the last minute, which by the way, I’m not condoning. The whole experience can be a bit stressful, especially if you have questions about the engraving on that watch, how much noise that mechanical keyboard makes, or if your weekend getaway location allows you to leave a bit later.

The way that companies handle service inquiries like the ones above during these seasonal increases says a lot about how they care about their customer experiences, and in turn, if customers can recommend them. Customers must be treated with empathy, and service providers need to understand that problems and questions can hold a lot more weight during stressful holidays.

Follow these tips to avoid being caught by surprise when customers come rushing to you.


Be where your customers are!

Your customers are using WhatsApp? Good! Are they also using e-mail? Good! No matter which channel they’re using, be there!

Your customers are on the go. No matter whether they are at work, commuting, at dinner, or on the couch, you need to be available to them. Make sure that your customers can contact you on whatever channel they’re active on, and switch between those channels seamlessly and without losing context. When time is of the essence, your customers don’t want to have to start the conversation over again.

Understanding what channel your customers use, how long they stay on certain pages, what products they are searching for and why. All these questions, when answered, will get you a deep understanding of your customers, and their habits. This enables you to create personalized experiences for them, leading to a final sale and a loyal customer.


No excuses, size does NOT matter!

Unlike huge companies that have the resources to provide their customers with the best possible customer experience, the more money-conscious SMBs tend to overlook its importance. Unfortunately, failing to have a CX strategy in place can hurt your brand, which is the vehicle your business relies on to thrive.

There’s a tendency to believe that CX is one of those things that only large corporations should be concerned with, but what is most often overlooked is that CX is one of the main reasons these companies got to where they are.

Here’s your niche advantage, unlike the huge platform companies, your business has a real opportunity to create a personalized customer experience. By reaching out, getting to know customers, and remembering them you’ll make them feel valued and the interactions more memorable.

As a business owner, make sure that your efforts are guided by the customer’s opinions. Whether it’s through customer surveys, customer support platforms like Chat, Email, or other online platforms, customers will feel more comfortable knowing that they are being listened to.


Efficiently managed communication

Your apps and websites should be able to handle an increased load, and you should have staff in place to handle the spike in customers reaching out. By leveraging technology that incorporates AI and automation, low-level support tasks like business hours and shipping information can be deflected away from your agents, freeing up their time to tackle more difficult inquiries and making sure Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch.

Having a view into what your agents are working on and intervening, if necessary, is key to a successful CS team. Most importantly, your customer service platform should be easily connected to all your agents.

Ensure that the technology you have in place allows for collaboration between remote team members, so you can pull in the necessary individuals to solve customer issues quickly. You should also be able to manage your team with confidence, even if you can’t be beside them.


Your clients are creating and expecting unique experiences

Gathering intelligence on a consumer’s awareness of their experience, their needs, and wants is a unique opportunity for you to get to know them and become better at what you do. This way you can start tracing what your strengths and weaknesses are, so remember, on Valentine’s Day customers are trying to create unique experiences, and ready to receive an exceptional customer experience from you.

The services your customer gets while interacting with your business should be the foundation of your operation. However, to deliver an unparalleled experience, you need to know your audience, learn as much as you can about their goals and needs, and most importantly, ensure that they have the relevant information to make informed decisions.

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